Another suggestion

I think there should be an alternate method to get the diamonds earned in pvp matches. A currency converter would be great.

NOT involving gold, because of the current issue with gold being so easy to come by.

1 diamond for 100 silver. Flat rate, buying in bulk doesn’t give you a discount. That’s 10k gold for 1 million silver. It wouldn’t make everyone have a kamiwyrm in 2 days, and it would give incentive to play the game more, instead of beating it and feeling like pvp is the only option to earn anything.

These types of games need a grinding element to last, but the goals do have to feel obtainable. Nearly 1 million diamonds at 500 tops a pop, will take to long for a casual player to earn.

I do agree with the 500 being abit higher however they plan on bringing in new leagues in the future with higher rewards :slight_smile:

You can also buy silver with gold. Infinite gold - Buy infinite Silver - Buy a million Diamonds.

we are adding more leagues as we get more players on pvp = more diamonds per match, but kamiwyrm is not for casual players :slight_smile:

edit, chrisie beat me to it…what are the odds…