The impossible PvP reward

Hi everyone… This topic need to be created for prevent the new players of Hunter Island (or the perfectionist who want all the ark obtainable in S Rank only like me ^^)

Some people don’t know but if you want to have more diamonds you need to play with so much people and not the same. Because the diamonds reward work only ONE time per gamecenter account!

It’s so pity… 960.000 for get the last Orbling and got all the PvP ark reward and if you play with friends only (777 diamonds per win). I have calculate how match do you need for win all the diamonds necessary…

The answer is 1249 win with different gamecenter account… Are you serious…?

It’s possible to make something? Fix that? It’s not possible like over? Or maybe this is be recalculated for Monster Island “coming this winter… Hopefully”?

Edit: “The number of friends that can be connected to a single Game Center account is limited to 500” (English Wikipedia Source)

Thanks for reading me and for the answer because I’m so impatient to know that! =)

The thing is, the orblings turn into kamiwyrm, which is one of the strongest arks in the game. Only those who do a ton of work should be able to get it. Arks such as breezeling are not amazing in pvp (contrary to what kooka may think), which is part of the reason that they are so easy to get. If everyone had one of these, it would be a lackluster award and would not be a sign of the effort you put into the game. Its also mostly balancing. Everyone having one of these would signifigantly change pvp. Only those who have earned it can use it, and use the strategies involved with it. Think about it like a rare item. If one is given out to everyone, it loses its rarity and usefulness.

Yes I’m totally agree with all you said.

But the very lack of PvP now make this rare reward to impossible reward… =/

This is why I create a new topic. To report this problem.

It isnt impossible, the 777 diamonds per account reset every day, so you can just take on the same account 1249 times, but that would take 1249 days :confused:

Are you sure? Because it’s don’t work with me…

Edit: Oh yes, I test it now and it’s work!!! I think it’s every 24 hours per reward. My apologize for this useless topic… =\

It’s okay :slight_smile: