Show me where cherubion is

Let me know pls…thanks! Got lazy and don’t wanna lvl cherub up haha

Sorry man, Cherubion can’t be found in the wild. They can only be obtained by eggs or evolving from Cherub.

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Can anyone let me know where I can find cherub please? Does it evolve to Angelon? If not, which one evolves to Angelon and where can I find it?

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Cherub is found northwest of Windon, in the mountains, and it evolves into Cherubion,

Cherubion fuses with Leviathan to make Angelon.

It’s classified as rare, so good luck!

Terrible catch rate without doing some damage first so make sure you bring a low level Arkadion with you

And a stuner so that it does self sack to heal

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So it means that I don’t need to try hard to get a grade S cherub, because it will be fused anyway?

Take what you get with rare Arkadion like cherub, don’t ‘wait’ for an S rank

Excuse me again, where can I find the Angelon recipe?

Once you reach Cresent Island, follow the story for a bit then new missions will pop up in the main town. One of them will require you to find and defeat an Angelon in the mountains in the southern part of the island. Defeating it gives you the recipe

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Hey i know this is a old thread buut since i got a D rank cherub, what rank levi should i catch

It really depends on you. Do you like bonus actions or not? An E levi doesn’t have worse stats than an S levi. In fact, they have identical stats if they are the same level. An S levi just has a better chance of getting a bonus attack, which is mighty helpful but not everything.

If you care about this, I recommend an A levi or up.

If you don’t, any grade is good! ^^