An important announcement to people who ever used poison teams

Today I am going to be talking about poison monsters and it’s killer monster like=glaciaron and cyclozar etc. As most of people know all the toxic and chrono killer are very fast but no poison monsters is fast the fastest poison monster has a speed of 65% while any chrono and toxic killer has an average speed of above 80 and the monsters who don’t have high speed have roaring entrance which is probably the best move for to kill a poison monster like scorpioghiest. I would prefer to make some changes on thier speed of both poison monsters and it’s killers not all the monsters like shiny kamiwyrm has a chrono killer but I would prefer making it a solo chrono killer because of his high speed and people also like to use 2 monsters such as scarlegaurd and kamiwyrm at first row so at least the scorpioghiest could die if he is in the first lane because all of players don’t have over 100+ legendaries so they could make strategies. Also not all players have deathghazer to use the endgame poison team. Also I would prefer that the game should make some fast poison monsters with high speed and dont make all toxic killer very fast or give them chrono killer. It was just my opinion you should say what do you like more poison monsters or it killers. And thank for reading I know the announcement is quite big :grin:

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Actually I want dracarosa’s speed to be increased . Too many poison send back Frontlines out there.


I agree with everything except the shiny Kamiwyrm part. I would never go against Shiny Kamiwyrm


It’s fine :frowning:

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Isn’t scorpiogeist way better in the endgame anyways?

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@NMEduck but to make it perfect in the endgame you need a deathghazer which is the monster all players don’t have

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@Tanbeer I just want shiny kamiwyrm to get solo chrono killer I dont care about the speed changes

I think you you dracorosa but I think dracorosa’s speed is alright if you do it to 9+

I always found poison to be high risk high reward, as if you get caught off guard you’ll probably lose 10 monsters immediately


He has link :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: please don’t give him solo
Or make link bloodfury>solo bloodfury
I would love to use him without Link

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I just want his special skill to get solo chrono killer I dont care about link bloodthrist and I know kamiwyrm is the monsters which can get only one kill if possible and then the enemy will surely kill him without giving him a second turn

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Yes that is the true power of poison monsters haha

It’s kind of by design that monsters with killer moves for something have higher speed than the things they kill. Otherwise, what would be the point in trying to counter a poison team with toxic killer when the poison monsters go first and kill it?!?

Poison monsters are typically slow because they can sweep like mad through a team given the opportunity. They all set up each other and sweep with pseudo piercing. As Unown says they’re high risk high reward, killing through enemy teams very easily if they get the chance but there are plenty of strong counters for them too.

I think it’s well designed and balanced as it is. Just this last PvP season I made a team that was all built around poison. I had combos and synergy with 8/16 being poison monsters (8/15 really because I had a 1 cost monster at the back). It was extremely successful, having enormous sweeping potential the entire battle and got a high win rate. As with most archetypes, going all-in on them makes you extremely open to any hard counters they have. Going 16/16 poison is probably not going to be as strong as 8/16 with proper support.


That 1 cost monster maybe a bird type monster who has poison revenge. Also can you show me the team you build last PvP season

Giving shiny kami solo chrono killer is too harsh of a nerf because it needs to be in link fire or it will almost always be dead weight pretty soon.


Just a small note: I think I’ll go back to using Shiny Moji instead of Bronzeshell at the end.

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These all are very rare monster to get. Also I only have dracorosa,polaboss and the 2nd slot monster thats all

Then I guess you don’t have enough monsters to copy it

Sure I dont

My team

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