AM I the most unluckiest person on earth

I am now in rank 55 and this is my team!

I have rolled festival eggs for about 50 times but still got no legendary
Probably my team is weakest team of rank 55
I would be greatful to you if you give me some tips on hatching and some suggestions how to make my team more strong


Probability of 0 legends in 50 festival eggs is about 4.3%
So to answer your question, yes

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So what to do now

Go and get yourself a Galvbane


I think you should restart if you have enough time ,newcomer egg is one the best pack. It would be hard without Legends.

Yeah restart and keep rolling till you get a legendary on your first hatch

Honestly that’s not that unlucky bro. Mine took far far longer

Bruh you have Hellfox! He’s a legendary and even a pretty good one!

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Delete the acc , start over . All those precious gems deserve a lot more legendaries

Hell fox-
He has one of the Highest ATK for legendaries
No stun immunity
No hold ground
No isnomia
No poison immunity

One shot and he will die
Before I get the time to charge his bloodthirst

Yeah, start a new acc if u can.

But I have 5 6-star tickets
5 months of patience
One friend gave me an advice that download VPN and try Singapore sever you will surely get legendary

Oh shoot😭

That’s the most neo racist advice ever but I like it :joy::joy::joy:

Dont delete then . Keep that acc and start a new one .

6 tickets is gonna get u one legendary .

But what if ur 5 packs get u 2 legendaries . The current egg with penguin n gazer is a very good egg to reroll on imo

Or u can wait till anniversary for some great monsters with festival chance

Tell me how long maybe it will heal some of my wounds

And tomorrow I will get my 5th rare gem so hope that I might get a legendary last time I got a pegahoof
:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: So I will tell you tomorrow what I got(sorry for the edit)by mistake I have written ponyus in place of pegahoof

I played for a few months (I’d say I did around 100+ singles) quit because I was bored and couldn’t get anything, came back after half a year or so and then about a month (30+ later) I got bane (which is a terrible first legend and non limited) and then about 20 after that I got oak who you can probably tell I loved. So much worse I’d say. Also there weren’t as many dope se back then and the epics were all garbage (the fire guy at the end of your team got a huge buff)