I am so lucky, is it even possible?

I got 3 legend from 1 10x egg
Can you guys help me i want to know wich of the 3 legend should i ultra evolve,and also can you tell me the odds, is this normal?


Someone got 4 mythics and 3 Legendary from a pack also 3 of the Legendaries were Angelion


Oh the guy was a p2w :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a particularly necessary addition. Anyone could get lucky like that.

(Just saying in an effort to stop the negativity towards spenders on the forum)


It happens from time to time. I remember getting 4 legendaries in a pack at one point. The best there is Oakthulhu. Azrazel (shadow guy) is a good sweeper for new players but requires some help to work well (mainly healing). Emeraldont is throw support, you probably won’t find him useful until you’ve got other monsters he works with.

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I had 4 gems I used it. luckily got a legendary hatch but then I saw a old monster I already have it was pumpking I was hoping for angelion. What would you call it lucky or unlucky

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I’m just saying he’s lucky.Btw that guy is my cousin :unamused:. SORRY IF IT WAS OFFENSIVE.


Go get yourself a Galvbane to pair with those 3 legends


That’s my year right there! Congrats

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so its normal, thank you dog


No it’s not getting 3 legendary from a non festival egg including 2 featured is very rare case CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thank you

Ive got satomi and motordragon On a streak of opening 2 single eggs.i was happy 'bout it for my 2nd mythic but motordragon doesnt have a use on my team just like Noxdragon

Motordragon have use on Every team @BlazingStorm.

Great, bro! But there are many guys with the same luck, or even more. There are 2 mythics in a pack, one mythic and two legendaries

I can wipe you using noxdragon if you want :wink:

Sorry if I offended any of you it’s just that I cant think of any use for them.