Lucky Hatches-All Eggs!

We have a thread about Unlucky hatches. I’m creating this thread to hear the other side of the story. Please share your lucky hatches regardless of what egg you got them from.

Remember to specify what egg though.
I’ll start, these are my last 3 rare egg hatches:

very happy with this guy.

And my most recent:

Super happy! Just hatched him minutes ago.

Yep that’s 3 legendaries on my last 3 rare egg hatches.

Also got these 3 in my one and only (edit: Campaign egg) 10 pack today. Not sure if it’s lucky thoughScreenshot_20181012-174631

Well, in that thunder festival, which featured Zeus, malwing, leogeist, tygoron, raizen, centaurion.

I got every featured legend except raizen in 9 packs.
Also atra from rare egg & valza from normal pool.
Best haul in my neo history.:ok_hand:

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Both of these were on the same egg, November 2017 with the four guardians (Emeraldont, Crimseias, Azuraidos, Albakhan). I was rolling for Crimseias and managed to get it in the 6th pack.


This is not anniversary egg I believe

Yeah anniversary egg will be next Friday. They almost always start the big eggs on Friday and that’s exactly when the special egg is ending as well as 1 day after the anniversary login bonus starts.

It is really good roll, all 3 are good :ok_hand::ok_hand:

My last 3 rare eggs was legenderies. All new for me (auro, shuri and dragia). Its pretty amazing regarding i have almost every legendary in there. I had 2 more legendary dupes before that, was like 5 rainbows in a row.

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3 warca in 1 pack? Beats me. I’ve had 2 of the same legend twice but wow is that bad luck :sweat_smile:

This thread needs to be banned and closed :joy:

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When solblaze was released, there was a guy that got 3

And no lunar?

No lunar


This is a thread I will never be posting a screenshot in.

@ILAGaLOT please lock this


No whinging in this thread please. There is another thread for that :rofl::rofl:

I forgot the feeling of hatching something good, let alone something new.

This thread is depressing…

@ILAGaLOT Lock this thread.



Haha too many envious people out there :wink: I was actually a little disappointed when I looked through all my screenshots and found the last lucky 10-pack I took a photo of was a year ago and it was just those two I had on the same egg. It really is rare to get a 10-pack worth screenshotting.

From that Festival , I got 7 other legends and no limit. But I felt very happy because I hatched only 3 pack