Event monster

So i just won The new event monster … And it runs With dreamhunt, i tried use i With ( scrootooth ) The Green 5 Star besat really Common.

Im trying to make a combo With scrootooth because it has The agility to put all The opponions monsters to sleep by using 250tu, The skill is not always 100% effektiv but i Think it Can be a good combo if The scrootooth is behind a good tank…

Can anyone Tell mé if its a good idea Is it possible to use scrootooth at all or is it waste. You Can easily find it and find a S. So it might get bonus aktion

Thanks anyway

U can always use Mossgolem and put everybody to sleep and hope ur Shadowstalker is missed by the effect and then non stop hit ur enemy

Ah Nice Thanks but unforgently i dont have it … But what do you Think about using shrubtooth?

Shrubtooth is better than mossgolem for this strategy.

I am very impressed that you thought of using it. Most people ignore all monsters below 8 stars.

Props. n.n

Though there will be many better monsters in the future, and I expect people to stop using shadowstalker in the near future in favor of better strategies…but this is good. :slight_smile:

Shrubtooth has two major issues. First, it dies extremely easily and has poor stats, and second, its sleep almost always misses. Mossgolem’s at least almost always hits.


Well, I’m not going to use this later, so might as well help y’all out.

Orcow and Pegasion. The end.