Although it is too early, can Devs consider a moveset for shiny Cyclozar?

200 seconds per skill breaker. even +9 has 170 seconds but is still too high to be able to attack again. It is easily defeated by timestike or another Monster. 16 costs are wasted for 1 slot. So I have 2 suggestions
1, reduced from 200s to 160s (or 130s like they did with True hit) 2, keeping Cycloraz’s old skill set and giving it the exceed force pass


160 TU will be 136 after+9
Maybe 180TU moveset will be better

First suggestion, sounds reasonable.

Second suggestion is just ridiculous.


I want the shiny cyclo to come in anniversary really

No the seconds are perfect 200 is good he is a fast monster too and if 9+ accelerated his second will be highly decreased

200 is unusable in PvP. That is a fact in this meta. I’m not saying they should buff it right now, let’s see how it does first. 200 sec is literally a lifetime in Neo… 160 would make more sense imo.


100% agreed, I thought the same thing as soon as I saw it

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I guess the seconds are good all 4 skill of cyclozar are the excessive force moves

I want the secret skill of shiny cyclozar to get swift accelerate+ decreases the second of the monster by 30%

Why not just bring down the TU of the moves?

I’m glad they didn’t make it a broken version of this but 200TU on the moves is completely unplayable in PvP and don’t forget the monster dies super easily.

160TU would be much more reasonable, where it would be usable but nothing crazily strong.


+9 will be 136 and if u accelerate it will be 110+
110+ TU Piercing killer moves aren’t broken
180 would be better

160 and lock the target

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If the second does decrease I want the speed of cyclozar to get 60% because I think shiny cyclozar will kill a monster whenever he gets a turn so decreasing its speed will be good

Alternatively, leave it at 200 and give it Focus instead of Insomnia


Focus is good idea but his cost time still very high

Focus is suikenshi exclusive .

Then a new passive, Concentration! Ignores attack redirection if there are no ally protectors.


Haha ok

A.S FOKAS says hello

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