Shiny Cylcozar vs Padinocra. Are there any incentives for Cyclozar?

Let’s make Shiny Cycloraz fair. Take a look at his killer skills. 4 times more than Padrinacra. Please reduce his cost time to deserve the 12 tickets we pay


You are right its pretty sh*t compared to orca

No offense but… all these grammar twists are giving me a headache :sweat_smile:

sorry my english is very bad. expect sympathy


Easy way to make Cyclozar S+ tier: replace all his moves with True Hit variations.


True Hit

Lucid Hit (against Sleep)

Warp Hit (against turn-granting)

Pure Hit (against Poison)




130 Tu or 100Tu for all ???

130 tu is fine. 200 is way too much and i love the monster, been using it a lot

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On the topic, I agree with what you said. Shiny Cyclo deserves a TU reduction.

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and if this suggestion is approved please buff before Cycloraz shiny leaves the Shop

What about regular cyclo. He’s outclassed too

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My buff suggestion is make it’s TU 130 (because is fair compared to all others 70 TU moves upgraded to piercing) AND give it Union: Focus (all shiny monsters are supposed to be and had been so far an upgraded versions of their original forms and i think the ideal upgrade for shiny Cyclo is Focus but in a way you have to build around it to keep it balanced)

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Well I think they will buff him later

Yep they can a 2nd passive to the shines with one only one passive skill

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say :no_mouth:

Buff shiny Cyclo!


That’s the spirit!!!

I meant to say Buff Shiny Kamiwyrm :joy:

If shiny cyclo’s moves costed less seconds then I would have definitely bought it

Lets start this from now on . Everything else is out of date .


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130tu moves and stun immunity for shiny cyclo!