All 99s from gold eggs

Hey everyone,

So I just have a quick question. I was doing the online mission this week and was lucky enough to be in the top 1% to get the Mossgolem. So when I went back to the city to check my arks and pull him out, I noticed that every single ark I got from the gold mission eggs were level 99. I am guessing this was a glitch with the system, or I wasn’t sure if it was a secondary reward for getting mossgolem in B group because this is the first time Ive been in that group, getting subzerotops last week.

Any help clarification is appreciated, I may have just gotten super lucky with an error in the system. 

No, it’s not a glitch

Depending on what you have in the front of your team, the higher the level, the stronger the Arkadion you get out of the egg

Awesome! I Had no idea, thanks!

Yeah tough i got alot usuless ones