Bonus action...

So most of my arks are grade “S” and I never get any bonus action? What’s the point? And the last guy I played in PvP everyone of his guys got at least one bonus action? This happens more often than it should where I get none and the opponent gets too many. So what’s the point of farming for all the rare arks grade “S”?

It’s all about luck.

So over and over again each ark for someone else can attack up to 4 times while I get maybe one bonus all match? I’m that unlucky?! Haha

I rarely get bonus actions too and I have all S ranks lol, just a thing I guess…

It will all average out. Just really isnt so cool when one of the opposing arks gets 4 or 5 turns in a row and takes out a few crucial arks in your lineup. I think a limit to 2 bonus actions per turn would be ok. So 3 hits in a row would be max. Just a thought

I get them alot :slight_smile:

It’s 20%. So… there’s an 80% chance of not getting one. I mean, 20% is a lot, but it seems sort of dwarfed compared to 80%. The way it should be, in my opinion. ^^;

Just got matched up with a guy and every one of his arks got bonus actions, and a couple of them got chains of like 4 in a row, i still got him down to the last three so i know i should have won -_- but holy $@!# it was annoying… IAMHIM is completely right, once insane combos start happening and your entire strategically placed line up gets wrecked it’s kind of pointless.

Should I point out that bonus actions will be capped at 1 after the next update?


Idk, i kinda like 2 for the max. 20% chance for the first one and 10% chance for the second.