About bonus action

Just out of curiousity, do all the s ranked arks have equal chances of activating bonus action? From what I’ve observed even with s rank arks, there are certain arks are more likely to activate a bonus action. For example, shadow stalker would have bonus action of 3 or 4 times out of 5, yet omega maybe only have 1 out of 5 provided if they are all s ranked.
Is this possible?

It really, honestly does depend on how lucky you are

The chances don’t change between arks

If you are stupidly lucky, then lots of good things happen

All S grade arks have a 20% chance of any bonus actions regardless of who it is.

All have the same rate.

Someone has posted the rate before. I think it is 20% for S rank.

i wont say that some arks have more tendency to have BA’s , rather  i would say other arks seems to rarely get any, omega being the best example

I agree, I guess it’s because shadow stalker always survives longer in a battle than omeag so it may appears it has got more BAs than others :confused:

Well we all know that the BA % for S arks is 20%, but I guess I can agree with Jas, some arks tend to get BAs way more often than others, notable ones, destructor. shadostalker, CHILLQUEEN (I swear she seemed to get definite BA after lullaby), & the most annoying Stegospike + Charchalynx.

I do agree with Tajid that CHILLQUEEN does get BAs very very often

Shadowstalker gets many ba’s but maybey its something to do With its close to gremknight (haste) or uses Guardian low Tu , and then it get fast turn again and bigger chance for a ba… Something like that … Looking forward to the Update!