Just a little fun forum:

Basically I’m making a list of “achievements” (Based on Xbox) for HI

  1. Breaking Wind - Defeat Zephys (5pt)

  2. Lumberjack - Defeat Arborus (5pt)

  3. Mortiality- Defeat Dahag (5pt)

  4. Firefighter - Defeat Vulcarex (5pt)

5. Floater - Defeat Esapid (5pt)

  1. Caesar - Defeat Deucalion (5pt)

  2. Lucky 7 - Defeat Tiamat (5pt)

  3. KFC - Discover the conspiracy (15pt)

  4. Obsessive - Complete all collection mission (15pt)

  5. Ghosts - Defeat Caspar (10pt)

  6. Underdog - Get into Veteran Rank without using OM monsters (Doesn’t include Egg-clusives) (5pt)

  7. Dark Horse - Get into Master Rank without using OM monsters (Does’nt include Egg-clusives) (30pt)

  8. St. Valentine - Defeat 10 or more Arkadion in a row using only Showdown without getting hit (10pt)

  9. Lone Wolf - Defeat 7 or more Arkadion in a row using only Last Stand without getting hit (10pts)

  10. Idealist - Have one or more Arkadion of your design approved for the new game and/or have one of your ideas approved for the new game (25pts)

  11. Stitch - Perform all in-game Fusions (Not including OMs) (10pt)

  12. Addiction - Play HI daily for 3 months (30pt)
    18. Master Farmer - Own a Magmawyrm, Typhonwyrm, and Omegawyrm (All at once) (10pt)

  13. Cheap Strategy - Defeat a Stego/Charc team 3 or more times (10pt)

  14. E Minor - Win 3 matches on PvP using only E-Rank monster (15pt)

  15. DBZ - Obtain a Kamiwyrm through PvP awards (50pt)

  16. Swearing is Bad - Get reprimanded by an admin or a moderator (5pt)

  17. Caspar - Ryan comments on your post (10pt)

  18. Master Hunter Without Help - Get a win streak of 6 or higher WITHOUT OM Arkadions or Egg-sclusives (50pt)

  19. Fish Fry - Defeat 25 or more Biteschools using ONLY 3 Lv50 or lower Fire Arkadion in 1 match (10pt)

  20. Over 9000! - Have a monster that has 9000 or more TU in a PvP match and win with that Arkadion surviving (50pt)

  21. Inspiration - Inspire an achievement! (5pt)

  22. Ooooh…Shiny! - Beat Tiamat using ONLY S-Rank Arkadion and your beginner (20pt)

  23. Let It Go - Destroy a Lv50 or higher S-Rank Arkadion (10pt)

  24. Loyalty Complex - Your beginner (or a fusion of your beginner) is S-Rank (5pt)

  25. Popular - Have 5 or more likes on 1 post (5pts)

  26. Gatorade - Have a PvP team get a win streak of 5 or higher WITHOUT using Water Arkadion (10pt)

  27. Col. Sanders - Use a Sanders on a Master PvP match and win (30pt)

  28. The Promise - Upgrade all First Ones to S+ Rank (35pt)

  29. Nerves of Steel - Defeat the Destr-Guard-Destr combo every 9 floors in the ID 3 times WITHOUT healing your team (15pt)

  30. Devil’s Alley - Make it to the 666th floor of the Infinite Dungeon (20pt)

  31. Is it Really Infinite? - Make it to the 1000th floor or higher of the Infinite Dungeon (35pt)

  32. Young Money, Cash Money - Have at least 2.5M Silver at any one time (5pt)

  33. He Never Saw It Coming - Defeat a hacker (5pt)

  34. Lucky - Get 2 OM monsters from the same Online Mission (Does not include Special Missions) (10pt)

  35. Army of Death - Have 8 or more Puffoxin on your PvE team (5pt)

  36. Barricadi-hater - OHKO a Barricadius (10pt)

  37. Full-Time Spammer - At any one time have every Most-Recent Post for each forum list have you displayed (5pt)

  38. Modbane - Challenge Deadpool or Ashley in PvP and win (20pt)

45. Devbane - Challenge Ryan in PvP and win (30pt)

  1. Richie Rich - Win the Jackpot on a Frenzy Gold Egg (5pt)

  2. Final Form - Obtain a OM Arkadion WITHOUT obtaining its fusion-fodder (15pt)

  3. 1% - Obtain the Main OM Prize in Pool B (5pt)

  4. Mr. 3000 - Post 3000 posts (10tu)

More to come :slight_smile: Post the ones you’ve gotten :slight_smile:

I got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and stich I don’t do pvp who’s Caspar and what’s the conspiracy edit I got the 2 last

I have 1-8,10-13,16,24,and 27.

Heres one-Peck Storm
Get at least 7 of your monsters killed in pvp by a Don Penguini’s Showdown.

Bad Luck-
Kill at least 1 Hatchling,or Starter.

Caspar is the guy who gives you your beginning ocarina and he is also the grand master hunter you fight to get the master hunter rank

Here is two more:

E Minor - Win 3 matches on PvP using only E-Rank monster (15pt)

DBZ - Obtain a Kamiwyrm through PvP awards (50pt)

I’ve done e minor and Caspar wipes out my starting arks I should move magmawrym and angelon to the back and Casper had 1 ark left I got bad luck try to get

Curses: one hatchling and at least 5 mettallodius break your ark stone

Whaaaaaa: Get killed by a starter

Hmm is that good: Destroy a god monster like an om or an angelon thinking its rubish in a egg

Devil:kill an angelon

top pro: THIS IS EXTREMLY HARD!! Get over 700 posts non spam and get every dragon ark for sombody who’s played for about a month

I beat Caspar actually…
Devil is insanely easy to get,and Cheese plz dont swear.Also,who uses 5 metallodious?
Who gets killed by starters…and what do you mean by get killed?You cant die.
Kab,you should edit your post instead of writing a reply with more xP

Sorry for the negativity,just my ideas.

Have some with something to do with the forums,like getting Grand Master rank,or getting 200 posts or something.

Thats I’m not saying its rude but it’s kinda offending me. It is not swearing and I mean get beaten by a starter sometimes you can find them when you start the game and devil is hard for sombody who just started like me

Im very sorry it offended you,but what you said is swearing.Saying a swear word and changing 1 letter doesnt change the word at all.Im not saying you havent been beaten by a starter or anything,but Im just confused by that one.Is it a starter?An evolved kne?Is it 3 of ur arks?1 ark?all your arks?what?

Also,I know you probably havent killed an angel on,and thats fine.Thats cuz you dont usually battle them in the story.But they are insanely common in pvp.You cant go 10 battles without finding one.At the beginning of the game when I played,you couldn’t go 2 battles without fighting an Angelon.

Again,im sorry if I offended you,but the mods and admins take swearing on this forum very seriously,and so do I.

U battle one when your near the end of the story

Caspar is easy! I had more issues with the Levi trio

OOOOHHHH New achievement: Rubber Boots - Defeat the “Legend of the Deep” WITHOUT using any attack or effect that would stun (15pt)

I have completed rubber boots. Penguini showdown and raptorex just went ham on those leviathans

I could take him down,as my team focuses oh air types,lol…not at that quest tho

And yes Cheese,everyone knows that.

Old school-Own a cold heart not gotten through a golden egg

Eggxclusive-Own all egg-only monsters

Addiction-Play HI daily for 3 months

Master Farmer-Own a Magmawyrm,Typhonwyrm,and Omegawyrm in PvE

Cheap Strategy-Defeat a Stego-Charc team 3 or more times

Robot Lover-Own a Destructor and Guardiron

lol the addiction one is in the bag


Kab,you should add some suggested ones you like to the know you can edit right?Its to the left of the multiquote button :3

Oh I got one

Madman: beat a level in the infinite dungeon wig dusk long and pyrowrym

Boom: Kill 23 bitefish will 1fire ark (only 23 in one match)

Updated the achievements!

(Are their any Mods that mind if I repost the list every few days?)

LOL Sorry this is off topic but reading cheese’s posts then seeing deadpools edits made me laugh XD

And the mods probably would mind, its necro-ing in a way which isn’t the best thing to do… But you can still try!

Some acheivments:

  1. Let it go!: Destroy a monster (not from egg) (5 points)

  2. The ash of HI: Rank all your spirits up to S+ (20 points)

  3. Over 98: Make 5 arkadions lvl 99 (5 points)

  4. Cant hold it back anymore!: Beat 6 arkadions in 1 PvP match using OmegaWyrm (5 points)

(Btw I just watched frozen again and don’t have very nany good names for the acheivments XD)

  1. Die with honor: Lose to Deucalion but don’t use stun arks. (900000000 points… Lol jk. More like 5 points XD)

  2. WTS (without the stun!): Make it to master league in PvP without using that gosh darn StegoSpike. (15 points)

  3. Anti stun club: Successfully slay 5 StegoSpikes in PvP.

  4. :frowning: y u do dis: Use StegoSpike in PvP (-200 points)

  5. Anticlimactic: Use a grade booster on your starter

  6. #AboveAndBeyond: Have atleast 700 posts before you change member title

New achievements (I watched Waterboy so you might see some references)

I already adhieved em all HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA there is none about the infinity tower soo i achieved them all lol
Soo we have to reach 700 to change member title… Thats a long waynto go lol
I already achieved all of the game center achievments for ur made up ones i finnished 0 out of how much u made lol

That song is horrible.
And what do you mean by rank your spirits to S+?