About Torazou the legendary

The new legendary is great but his passive and into the zone move is useless until he gets 5 kills *I would prefer that game makes into the zone move like a neko punch move where you get 200+ damage per kill and when you get 5 kills then you do critical damage to enemy monsters
*Second I want the stealthy entrance to change into camouflage entrace because it will be much harder to counter him and will be much easier to get a kill for anyone wants to use the into the zone skill which needs 5 kills.
*Third I want his special skill to change which is swift canibalise to swift chrono breaker which will make things much easier to get a kill for him and even the best monsters in PvP cannot manage to get 5 kills easily unless it is delughazar.
It’s was just my opinion I don’t want all my suggestion to become true otherwise he will be very powerful but I will be happy if any one of my suggestions come true

I think stealthy entrance is good
He needs HG instead of that terrible passive( then it would make sense with the SS)
Ultra attack cen be changed to kin slayer/counter strike
That’s all the buff he needs


If you put camouflage then the opponent would surely try to attack tozarou(if your protecters are gone and the case is in PvP scenario I am saying)

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This thread can be resumed like this “pls buff the mon I got”, Really i think his moves are great as is


He won’t be usable in PvP because of his moves and I didn’t say the game should buff him I said that the moves I suggested will be usefull for him

slayerbreak will almost always have a target and shield break can come handy also against duscy and shield entrances

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Sure he handy and maybe he is the best