I guess this has been a topic and a big discussion point for many but I’m making this topic to address this hopefully to the DEVs directly. Is there anything and I mean ANYTHING at all you can do to make dolph at least somewhat more powerful so people have to actually care about him being on the enemy team?

I’m unsure in what code language you guys are writing but I am pretty sure it should be relatively simple to change his move set around to make him at least a threat to be reckoned with.

At the moment his skills are laughable and I think he is safe for baha the only legendary that has not got a single passive ability? ( correct me if I’m wrong )

You could even make him a copy of an already existing legendary that you know works well n doesn’t break the game balance?

Or was he really meant to be a weak legendary?

Dolph doesn’t have a passive, rexo doesn’t have a passive, goldtail doesn’t, pretty sure warca and soulstealer don’t either.

The thing with dolph is he is basically like celestrion, nightlord, and cybereon without the 160 second shocking entrance.

One thing that could make him a little better would be making his stun grenade hit all enemies.

He looks cool

Haha yea he looks cool that’s why it’s so sad he’s kind of useless at the moment. Id pick an epic with stun absorb & hold ground over him any day

Coming from someone who actively made a team out of him he’s still the worst monster in the team. His problem is twofold, in that A: the cost for his ability is too high for what you get and B: he has virtually no way of getting a kill on his own. He has a couple of niches and he can support another timestriker, but it’s just not worth using him over other monsters that can do the same but also fight for themselves.

Well if he’s intended as a time strike legendary what would be a cool option is for him to being able to set up his own time strike much like Baha is able to setup “Throw” for himself.

This would make him sort of reliable to take out 4-5 monsters while not being able to continuously set up kills for himself.

That’s what cybereon, celestrion and nightlord do. They have shocking entrance, so they create timestrike targets for themselves.
If dolph would have a repeatable stun flash on all enemies, even with sacrifice cost, he could be very powerfull. he still would need a team around him. Maybe you would have to sacrifice a slot in your team to a sacrifice summoner, or even two, but then he could be a beast. In combo with bahamuzar, he would be a monster.

But what do you expect from a firefish than to be useless?

The worst thing about creating stuns for himself is that you have a 100 sec TU on a 200 sec stun so the stun is down 100 secs by the time he is ready to timestrike. This can be fixed with a give turner but there went an extra slot in your team

^precisely this. You can set up other timestrikers but he doesn’t do jack by himself, and besides why stun grenade when you can throw instead.

My Dolphin is +4.  He sucks faster than yours.

Just make it a sacrifice stun bomb. That would fix it.

Blood fury might be a little overkill.


Honestly all it needs is sacrifice stun bomb and it would be fine. Bloodcrave would make it top tier.

Loled a lot in public. Nice one :smiley:

Stun immunity would be at his place there too. He is after all a stun monster so he deserves to have it. But not extra moves because there has to be one bad legendary right? :stuck_out_tongue: