About The new Ultimate Challenge

Impossible to advance!!!

I already win level 120 BUT is impossible to me to go on.

I have 8 legends in my team and the rest SE and this is what happens:

My legends doesn’t kill the SE of the enemy, event using their main power abilities.

And in return the enemy SE and event Epics kill my legends so easily.

How is that possible? This is not logic.

Any comments?

It is called buff. Higher the level higher the buff of te enemies

This is the point of UC.  Strategy over killing enemies with brute strength.

Of course I used strategy instead of brute force BUT is almost impossible to me to win a battle after level 120.

Either fast attack or all last man stand does not work properly.

I guess that for me level 120 is the end.

Two words: sleep lock
The again atra auro DR’s etc. should get u further

Just change your strategy. For UC you need some of the next things:
crowd control strategy (sleep lock or stun lock), strong attacks (dreamhunt, nightmare grip, novablast, bloodthirst after ALOT of kills), 1 shot attacks (death sentence, death mark), luck based kills (death revenge, death rollete, sudden death), reviving a buffed monster (mirror revenge, necromancy), hp control (hp sharing, healing light, protectors, stealth).

Normal strategies wont work in here. If you aint got the montsers for it, try your best and try to hatch them for next time. I didnt made it to the first gatekeeper for 4 UC events.

Bloodthirst has a cap at about 20000 damage. Doesn’t do more then than.

It still kills things at 120 though. I reach 200 with bloodthirst/ss/warca.

I feel in this UC enemies are more buffed than usual.
How do you feel?

I advanced to level 140.

I’m using a lot of blood thirst and dead revenge, cause I don’t have sleepers.

Thanks all.

Same as always.

Feels the same to me too. Do you have SE sleepers? They can be a good option to fall back on if you don’t have any of the ideal legends. The SE sleepers are Ragnawolf, Magmalathian, Arborgias(he’s the best one), Revenatus, Lunaverios and Deucalizon. They’re better in their second forms though, since single sleep is much more reliable. If you use them well, they should definitely be able to get you to at least 160.

Already advance to level 160.

Using Arbogias, Deucalizon, Blurstrike and Elmoburn as sleeper.

And SE protectors and Blood Thirst legends.

Thannks for your advices.

I’m stucked at level 141. All my opponents are way too strong! :frowning:

See my miserable situation against a team of player jonsnow. I still tried to win with only two rockoids. I’m so hopelessly hopeful :confused:

Damnn… Im at 140 also,waiting for tokns
Freakin bane tho!!

I noticed the same… I feel them more buffed and smater…

To all bane users hope you all die

Do you mean galvbane or banedragon?

Banedragon : he ends all sleeplocks. 

Ha ha ha… who in the hell uses poison in UC!

Ha ha ja editor changes h*ell for heaven…

Theres 2 kind of people that use bane and AP’s on UC
1st the players whitout other options and they use all they have to climb up
2nd the trolls who love to build teams full of stun immune and AP’s+TT+bane+terror etc
All that to make other players have a hard work climbing
And now our lovely devs give a free bane to all top 3000 so next UC will be harder and full of troll team
Thank you for that devs