About Prismpaw...

I test him in much Kombinations…and he is still Useless…

Its a epic Monster with 16 cost!

Too slow…
Too high tu…
Moveset…is new…

My ideas :
Speed 60-65
80 tu for the movest not 130…
Ss- 50 tu
Passiv: Poisen Imunity

Give him Love Devs!!


Giving love to a valentine special… seems about right.
And i agree with those changes (dont have him)


I thought he one shot everything


They wanted it to one shot 16 monsters immediately.

I agree poison immunity would be good and lowering TU from 100 (setup moves) and 130 (kill moves) to 80 and 100 respectively. I don’t think there’s any need to increase the speed… he’s deadly right from his first turn.

However, I haven’t got to see this monster in much combat yet so can’t say for certain if he truly needs these buffs or whether he’s balanced as he is. Maybe he just needs the “setup” moves sped up to 80TU but the damage moves kept at 130TU, or another small adjustment like that?

i use him he works well for me, can 1 shot anything without hg with ease

a tu drop would definitely make him even better , poison immunity i disagree with unless theres no tu drop