A wild Stratustrike appeared!

Here it is in all its glory, seems like a volatile contender. Confirmed skills are one on one, a 130 TU self shield, double survivor and hold ground, and a single/aoe move. Couldn’t get anything on the second passive or the secret skill, all I can say is that it’s not a revenge effect, and also not like stun counter or bad friend field where it displays it right in front of the monster. Seems likely that it’s an entrance effect, although strike seems pretty built for the FL. Could be anything really. Thoughts?

Where does it appeared?

Dungeon Challenge

Second passive seems to be stun immune

Did you try stunning it??

It seems that it used OOO and self shield after it. So it means it get a high speed that have over 50 tu than GF…

It passed my GF even though it’s at +6. So that probably means its speed is at least 70.

i love the design

He’s amazing

it looks amazing

I’d tap that.

Yes i did, galliodarks quick stun did nothing

maybe cuz of shield?

no, shield only blocks damage, stun bypasses it.

it doesn’t block stun flash stun bomb or burst or any kind of active stun attack?


Besides gallio was faster anyways so it had no time to put up shield

82 speed :):slight_smile:

82 speed :):slight_smile:

Overpowered monster