friday 18th

Did I miss the chat today? if so whats new? I heard some big stuff was to be revealed anyone take notes?

Valsareign poison drain cooldown reduced to 100 and heal doubled.
Deathgazer passive can’t go off in the first 250 secs of the fight.
Chrono speed nerf
Faststrike cooldown time increased.

when are these changes taking effect?

Next week they said, not sure though


Chrono speed reduced along with fastrike nerf.
Gg devs

I can’t wait… whatever fastrike isn’t needed when you have OP timestrike all… tbh they should’ve nerfed that…

Literally galvbane+stun protector+600 sec+chronozar/chronozeros+timestrike all=DED

you can go even more crazy with icefang and stun burst/stun bomb

they need to fix the stun absorb of stun absorbers.  Galvbane doesn’t have a 600 stun but that is what happens.  its op as shit

Btw. can someone explain to me how exactly Timestrike All damage is calculated? Is it just the average of all 4 enemies’ remaining TUs that’s used to calculate the damage that’s then applied to every monster? Or is there some more individual calculation going on? I’m so damn confused because many of the scaling PvE events make it extremely difficult to gauge just how exactly its actually working.

So it goes from what I can tell biased off the highest TU.  Tho timestrike all in PvE is bad mmk 

No, they shouldn’t. That’s because galv stuns for 200 TU so the absorber takes the stun as of a stun bomb (200x3=600). I understand your point that pulse only hits one enemy anyway

Yes they should fix that.  If the stun would only hit one target it shouldn’t be counted as if it was hitting 3 other targets. 

It was their intention so it’s not a bug. You should explain your point to the devs in the suggestion box or in the chat of Friday.