Some questions about gameplay

Hey guys i would like to ask you some questions.
How it is possible that the same monster as me starting to play 5 sec before mine since potions dosnt increase the speed % ?
Thank you

They actually increase the speed.

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It’s just not shown in status, but it indeed increases the speed

Take a look at this thread to find out everything. I hope it helps :slight_smile:

KD's Bonus Potions and Entrance Speed guide

Thank you for this link ! Awesome.
By the way is it only me or sometimes there is a bug where you cant see someone having a shield ?

Yeah… Same with stealth. The devs were too lazy to add status effect indicators so you need to pay attention.

I unfortunately came up against your team yesterday, you destroyed me without even trying! Crazy good! I probably should have quit 10 seconds in but I wanted to see how quick you could RIP my team apart🤣

Haha I’m sorry to hear that! I hope you had a fun time spectating. Best of luck in future matches :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your explanation :wink: btw are stun doing damage too ?

Nope. However, there is a stun strike move that stun + do damage, but only 1 monster has it .

Ok because sometimes i can have a monsters with 1hp and someone enter with a stun and making die my monster .
It happen sometimes so that why im trying to understand .

Who have this stun with damage please ?

Entrance Stun + damage is still not a thing .
Ur monster must have been poisoned .
Or a poisonous entrance entered right after stun if u killed 2 monsters .
Or a death sentence .

You probably right !
Thank you :slight_smile:

Also check if your monster has the passive “broken heart”, meaning they will die after they are stunnes for over 200 TU.

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