A subtle change to stealth

Who doesn’t love a good stealth team? They’re rare, fun and exciting… it’s also incredibly easy to disable. Poison or any attack takes it out.

I love the icons which display whether a monster has overwatch, HG etc. It really gives a good clear view of what’s happening in the game.

However I miss the days where they didn’t exist and players had to keep track of what who was in stealth and who wasn’t. I propose we bring this back!!

Change it so that only you see the icon which shows which of your monsters are in stealth, but the opponent doesn’t see the icons and has to keep track. I think it would be a cool way to buff this awesome archetype. After all, stealth is hidden right?


  • Yes. Only the player using stealth should be able to see the stealth icon
  • No. All players should see the icons to indicate who is in stealth.

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PS Camo should always be visible to both

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Sorry to vote no but I can see this frustrating a lot of people as well as being very confusing to newer players. There is already more than enough to keep track of, we don’t need this. I’m sure a better buff idea can be given for stealth like perhaps single-target damage not removing stealth, only AoE attacks removing it.

Another idea would be to redesign stealth so after using a sneak attack move you lose the stealth condition but the sneak attack style moves are much lower TU.

Not to say I recommend these but they’re example ideas.

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“Back in my day” we had no choice :older_man:t3: :joy:

Hmmm. Could change once they hit HR100?

Are you crazy??? AoE moves are almost all very high TU by rule and almost NEVER you use those kind of moves to remove stealth. Stealth is to protect you from multiple targets moves if you make it inmune to single targets ones makes no sense at all!!! Stealh needs no buff imo it’s just an archetype harder to set up than others amd it needs many limited pieces therefore most people don’t play it. We have great examples of how powerful stealth teams can be shuch as @LemonSqueezy teams on his F2P account and the mew one he made in Josu’s amd @NMEGaryOak has an awsome stealth team as well with the underated shurikaizer.

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Honestly, if this change is made, I am quitting. Making a change so that the game is harder to play isn’t a way to add challenge. Battles are slow enough already. This would encourage constant notebook keeping in order to keep track. And imagine pvp.

Lol this sadly sounds like even more of a troll. We’d get so many people confused and thinking it’s a bug.

Read my last line :stuck_out_tongue: I think stealth is fine how it is and it will work as an archetype even better when we’ve got more monsters for it. I was just brainstorming random concepts that would alter it to be buffed rather than a change than doing something obscure and confusing.

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I voted no, but as the self-proclaimed best aoe spammer in neo, I think I may be a bit biased against stealth (I also lost to ur stealth team like 5 hours ago).


I want a move or passive skill which ignores stealth. Like we do have excessive force which ignores hold ground and shield, we should also have something like excessive reach to ignore stealth and Camouflage.

Xcheemax :

Suikenshi: Am i a joke to you ?


There is a clear majority who voted no and we’re all about democracy :joy: @Lucrayzor please lock the thread :blush:

The perfect way to make stealth a top tier meta strategy is getting rid of Purifying Mist, Purifying Stealth Self and Purifying Stealth and making all their normal counterparts automatically purify when used.

Basically, all ACTIVE stealth moves also remove Poison and, based on how much do you want Stealth to be pointlessly OP, Sleep too.

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He’s talking about nova and gorgo aoe probably

I didn’t mean Stealthbreak, I am talking about some passive so that of the monster uses AoE, the camo mons also get damage

Neomonsters is a game where we must keep track of many aspects so as not to be surprised and this would undoubtedly make things more difficult, it would also be extremely confusing, I think the Stealth is fine, I’m sure there are more ways to polish it up if it’s the goal


Maybe a variation of stealth where it is immune to one single-target, but aoe still hits it? Like the opposite of the current stealth.

I just liked the idea of stealth actually being stealth lol. It was fun back in the day. You had to think more :wink: the comedy of hitting something and it doing absolutely nothing because you didn’t realise they were in stealth was gold.

The people have spoken however

Can we mention the fact that stealth should work the other way around? If you’re camouflaged in the woods, nobody can hit you directly with precise certainty, but I want to see how you avoid an AoE airstrike or an explosion.

Prof: How not to be seen by Monty Python


That is why I said

Exactly, I merely gave video proof

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That’s gonna be a nope from me dawg. Making the battle more nebulous and giving the opponent yet another thing to divert his attention to creates artificial difficulty, detracts from the intended focus of strategy, and just makes for a generally frustrating experience. I get it, stealth often has a rough time, but stealth can also be incredibly infuriating in the right situation. It’ll get more representation soon enough, I’m sure of it.

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