A Possible Change for Excaliburdragon

Excaliburdragon, aka swordy, is in dire need of a buff. Its moveset and stats don’t match its niche, so I have a few ideas for its moveset to make it work better.

The idea is simple: Make it a good solo powerhouse.

For this, I propose that the devs change the moveset to make it more viable on its own, and cut off strategies that rely on support.

Unmovable > Stun skin

This skill would stun any enemy that attacks this monster for 10 TU. This would make it harder to launch concentrated assaults on this monster, increasing its chances of surviving to heal itself.

Aegis Shield > Instant Crescendo Charge

This skill gives the user one crescendo charge, and has a 200 TU cooldown. That is to say, it can be used once every 200 TU, and has unlimited uses, thus allowing this monster to grow stronger slowly, even while still keeping itself alive.

Stun Pulse > Slash

Slash is a single target version of slash all, and would ignore shields, defense, protect, and HG, while dealing about 700 damage. It would cost 120 TU. This one is honestly just a nerf, but it would both make Swordy much worse for support, and would also make it a solid counter to tank/glass cannon combos, which I otherwise think would pose a serious problem.

15 TU increase to Healing Light

This one is also a straight nerf, but it would stop this monsters from becoming too difficult to kill.

This would make is a powerful monster that works well in many situations, but it does seem very powerful, so some alterations could probably be made. Still, overall, I think that this would make it work much better at its intended role of being a powerful, balanced crescendo monster.

What do you think?

Wait wdym doesn’t it always work like that?


Nope I did some testing and HG is one use. In most cases, though, this is more balanced, so I think that this should be a new move added in, as opposed to altering the default HG

??? I think you are confused with the Pokémon passive. Anyway Excalibur dragon is already a fortress, in my view it’s a balanced and perfectly fine mythic, not like others…

Maybe this is just because I’ve literally never played pokemon, but I wasn’t aware that there was a similar pokemon passive.

The issue is that A). It is often ohko’d once its HG has been used up, and B). It takes a ridiculous number of turns to start sweeping. To quote better players than me

Honestly, this feels like a WIP HI monster that they ported over with minimal changes. It’s balanced for a meta with no fast OHKO’s, no piercing, very few good stun monsters, and no easy way to bypass protectors. Right now, it finds itself in a meta where relying on a monster to survive 300 TU’s is a stretch, let alone 630, stun hard-counters crescendo strike spam, GT is hard to sustain, and protect has been nerfed to ridiculous extents.

It needs not only a buff overall, but also a respec to be less reliant on styles of support that are becoming less viable by the day. Thank you for coming to my TED talk

Honestly, Excalibur is already a powerhouse if you know how to use him. Though in PvP, he does take some time to get going and is definitely not a top tier mythic in this meta.

He’s a tricky one because the mere prospect of a 42 TU killing move that goes through hold ground and barriers. Therefore his crescendo buildup is reduced compared to Shiva, Leo and Pola. Perhaps an ever so slight increase to its damage multiplier would suffice to make him get going just a tad faster. That being said he’s already one of those monsters that is going to win you the game if left alive for too long so I would be very careful about buffing him.

What are you talking about? Hold ground doesn’t disappear after being triggered! If you hit a monster to HG and heal it, it will go to HG again if the damage dealt is not piercing.

Do you have the awakened Excaliburdragon or the second form? Because the second form doesn’t have HG.

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I use the awakened form(from other players).

Maybe this was changed in an update? About half a year ago I definitely tested this for a pvp team and found that it was one use.

Anyway it’s fixed

Definitely not. I’ve been playing since 2017 and HG has always triggered as long as the monster has more than 1 hp and takes normal damage.

Don’t know if there was an issue with Excalibur though.

Your suggestions just look like nerfs. Also, quoting that thread about crescendo needing a buff was from before the massive buff to crescendo that tripled the speed crescendo strike/slash charges.

Excaliburdragon is fine. The SS could be better but in some situations it can be good to kill a dead weight teammate and create a protector. Tbh I think it should have the same TU as protector conversion since it’s basically a protector conversion+ as a unique move for Excaliburdragon.


Excalibur is fine, any buff it needs would be very minor. Your changes don’t make any sense, and you don’t understand hold ground in the slightest

Wow Leogiest charger


The monster seems fine to fine, and for the love of all things holy, let’s not make Stun Skin a thing.


The skill could be ok if it just increased seconds without being a Stun skill (else Stun Counter/Converter monsters could just spam AoE continuously because Excaliburdragon keeps giving them a turn while alive) but Unmovable is something he truly needs to avoid being knockbacked and having its Crescendo charge reset.

I think you mean Aegis Ritual, btw Secret Skills can only be used once per match by definition. If it was a skill with a time limitation that increased multiple charges at once, I’d agree.


No. Bad Interference.

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So basically leogeist can charge itself for free in zero effective seconds

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Yes! I would take it 177013 times if that means I’m able to knock a monster with Crescendo Slash back

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TU reduction is all it needs (on dance only)