6* ticket in the fin shop

Thanks Devs!


I’m a bit disappointed since there’s only 1 tho.
Or maybe it could be purchased multiple times like exp.

Why disappointed? You get 2 a month from login and pvp and now 1 more from whales. At this rate you’ll get 12 tickets at a much faster rate! I’m happy they add tickets to more events as it helps all players equally


I think one per event is right on.

I just wish there was a 7* for 500 fins.

If they did 1 7* for 350 in IC, 1000 in UC, and 500 fins in WC, that would make a lot of satisfied players.

It sure is a lovely addition! I hope 6* tickets are added to other events too.

It’s also very nice to see the reduction by roughly 50% on all ingredients and special rewards in the Finn shop. It’s much more balanced now, worth it for people to forgo gems to get these things they need!