Neo ticket expectations

Just making this to discuss to f2p elephant in the room. The neo ticket helped close the gap between F2p and whales by giving a free mythic or shard for awakening. This combined with the fortune shrine gave a lot of players awakened mythics. My question is how often will the neo ticket appear? During anniversaries, huge festivals like easter, mid year events, quest reward?
i am just wondering if it is gonna be once a year or big event rewards like we did during Anniversary.

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Keep 500 gems saved at all times for the fortune shrine - problem solved.

Seriously, 1 neo ticket is NOTHING in comparison. 400 gems from fortune shrine each month (200 average from each shrine) gives you 1 mythic hatch + all the legendaries, etc.

The fortune shrine is for free, with zero effort from the player at all. The neo ticket was nice but we don’t need it for any F2P vs whales balancing. Also, a single mythic copy does almost nothing to close that gap so I don’t know why you took that angle (we need four copies before a mythic is awakened).



Reason why is that neo ticket opened up a whole new avenue of strategies for me, namely the Nauti Aura one, before that I literally only had link water as a viable FL

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There are LOADS of viable front lines out there. However, if you’re looking to copy the combos other people use then I understand why the limited collection of monsters (like most of us have) can make those options few.

(Btw the tone of my post here is mainly because I don’t like FL combos much. I think they’re overplayed and overrated by most of the community. Nothing personal against you at all)

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I made a fun FL with willhelm recently that no one uses and it works most of the time. I don’t copy from others. I figure out how to use them in a way that has the largest impact. Any form of similarities is consequential of the monsters skills. Not already existing teams.

Great to hear! That sounds very different to what you were saying above and I like it :slight_smile: