whats you team?

So as the topic name implies, I want to know what your team is. What you think of the performance it has done so far? And any MVPs?

My team atm is:

Ventokaiser, Super Epic Ultra (duplicate)

Vegiboa, Epic Ultra (triplicate)

Pyrokaiser Super Epic, Ultra

Titanwolf Super Epic, Ultra

Serapheon, Legendary Ultra (my transfer)

Mecharex, Super Epic, Ultra (duplicate)

Frostbrave, Super Epic, Ultra (quadruplicate, not kidding)

Leobolt, Super Rare

Talosquire, Legendary

Sharknight, Super Rare, Ultra

Skyther, Epic Ultra (quintuplicate)

Musharoo, Common

Soltusk, Epic, Ultra, (triplicate)

Nebelronix, Legendary, Ultra

Viridizaurus, Epic, Ultra

my MVPs are Serapheon, Ventokaiser, Titanwolf and Pyrokaiser (later 3 are the same with skills and stats)

My base strategy is lots of AoE early, as well as Jadeboa protecting the team. once Jadeboa is dead Serapheon heals up the team and AoE goes on . Ventokaiser/Titanwolf/Pyrokaiser now does survivor/desperate strike (dual) to one-shoot stuff.  Mecharex Timestrike is supported by being between 2 stunning entrance users. a few  survivors in the middle ( Sharknight/Talosquire ). with another protector ( Skyther ) and Musharoo for potential heals. Freeznix starts making duplicates (each one with death revenge) and 2 starters are waiting towards the end for last stand.

Now Im curious on your teams!

My Team is:

















I’m not crazy about the team but it’s worked out okay. I basically use sleeps and stuns to get off 400 second bombs with pandagreen and titanwyrm. Then let Wolfrozen and Gigarock finish up anything that’s still alive. Destructer and Spinorator are my protector killers and I use Shivotra to heal and purify. 

I have to change my team for every fight - isn’t that the only way to win? No one team can win all battles.

The players whom I almost always have in are
Seaviper, Niloxov, Rhynobrawl and Puffoxin.
I always bring 2 Timestrikers depending on the element of the enemy. The remainder of the team depends on the order of the enemy. I might need a stun absorber, might need a protect focuser, might need sleep bombers or stun bombers. Really never have the same lineup.

My main team is    [F2P]

Oniscar (Super Epic)

Mechadino (Super Epic)

Redgaroo (Epic)

Catobledus (Super Rare)

Mammut (Super Rare)

Angelon (Legendary)

Thugfrog (Super Rare)

Leobolt (Super Rare)

Seasteed (Super Rare)

Voltiger (Rare)

Freezard (Super Epic)

Snowja (Super Epic)

Cryowyrm (Legendary) (Transfer)

Wolfrozen (Epic) (Ultra)

The 3 who usually contribute the most to the battles are

Cryowyrm, Wolfrozen, and Oniscar. Cryowyrm mops up the floor with his Assisted Wave (All), Wolfrozen takes things out with Desperate Strike and his AOE, and Oniscar has Stun Flash and destroys everything with Survivor.

Wow you are lucky. Stun flash and assisted wave all. I don’t have anything like that :frowning:

Main Team

Necrowing (Legendary)
Magmawyrm (Super Epic)
Golgemios (Super Epic)
Griffclaw (2*)
Jumboid (Epic)
Bluetusk (2*)
Parasardon (2*)
Stegospike (2*)
Wolfrozen (Starter Epic)
Raijin (3*)
Vegitiger (Epic)
Islandoe (2*)
Infernowyrm (3*)
Leobolt (3*)
Rhynobrawl (2*)
Brakitorus (Epic)

Just beat the story mode, Hero Rank at 24.  For online missions, currently at chapter 3, part 2 (haven’t tried yet).

Played Dragon Island before and some Hunter Island.  For the First Egg, rerolled until I got at least a Super Epic.  Didn’t want to get stuck with an Epic, but didn’t want to reroll for hours to find a legendary.  I wanted to take advantage of the Hunter Island Transfer, but I’ve deleted Hunter Island a long time ago.  Re-installed Hunter Island and rolled a Super Epic which I transferred immediately.

The early story was pretty easy with all the AOE, but AOE felt kinda useless later on.  Didn’t feel any downtime between story mode and online missions.  Didn’t maximize the online stamina points at all.  The ingredient missions leveled my Hero Rank really fast, which increase the team cost points.  Caught every new monster I ran into, except the Temple Epics.  I’m surprised some 1*, 2* monsters are actually really useful.  It’s too bad we can’t catch everything.  The 900 monsters was a real hook.

I did pay $4 for an extra egg roll, but didn’t get anything too useful.  Luckily my next egg roll got me a Legendary, SUPER LUCKY.  After that, my team of Necrowing, Magmawyrm, Golgemios, Griffclaw, and Bluetusk just steam rolled everything.  Built a team on abusing Necrowing’s Bloodthirst move, which 1 Hit Kills almost anything after he gets rolling.  Golgemios’s Protect Focus made him pretty invincible by transferring his high attack stat to his defense.  Griffclaw and Bluetusk made sure Golgemios got healed.

Didn’t have a hard time until Black Sun and suffered my first loss.  After losing many times, I finally learned to use other move sets and combos.  Spy on the trainer and tailor the lineup based on what they have.  Was able to beat the remaining trainers using the same method and a few tries.  The strategy was to keep Necrowing alive and killing.

Might not be able to catch em’ all, but I had a lot of fun!

Golden Eggs:
#1, Wolfrozen (Epic) - STARTER
           Ultrasplash, Ultrawave all, Last Stand, Desperate Strike, Stun Revenge, Hold Ground
#2, Magmawyrm (Super Epic) - FIRST EGG
           Gigablaze all, Protector Killer, Sleepkiller
#3, Golgemios (Super Epic) - TRANSFER
           Gigaquake all, Protect Focus, Accelerate Team
#4, Jumboid (Epic)
           Megastone, Superbash dual, Sleep all, Sacrifice Summom
#5, Brakitorus (Epic) - PAID EGG
           Gigastone, Gigaquake all, Last Stand, Stun Revenge, Hold Ground
#6, Necrowing (Legendary) - SUPER LUCKY
           Gigadusk all, Bloodthirst, Protector Killer, Sleepkiller
#7, Vegitiger (Epic)
           Megastone, Timestrike, Accelerate, Attack Boost, Poison Revenge
#8, Minoblast (Epic) - NEVER USED
           Ultraflame, Dreamhunt, Gigaflare dual
#9, Spinoraptor (Super Epic) - NEVER USED
           Gigadusk all, Protector Killer, Sleepkiller
#10, Sandpile (Epic) - NEVER USED
            Superstone, Superquake all, Sleep bomb, Auto Protect
#11, Frostiger (Epic) - NEVER USED
            Reckless Attack, Bloodcrave, Accelerate Team

Griffclaw (2*) - Superbolt, Heal All, Purify
Bluetusk (2*) - Supersplash, Superflux Dual, Protect Teammates, Sacrifice Heal

Useful moves and combos I used:
Protect Focus + Heal All
Sacrifice Summon + Sacrifice Heal
Stun Bomb + Stunning Entrance + Stun Revenge + Timestrike
Stun Absorber
Knock Back

Stealth Teammate
Death Revenge, Death Roulette (always backfires…)

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Cool story bro. Yeah I didn’t maximize my hero rank time Ta either but what ever haha. I have 5 super epic I don’t used at all too kinda stupid.

Heres my team :stuck_out_tongue:

Leobolt (Super Rare) Thinking of swapping this for Velohound

Dinorider (Super Epic)

Hellataur (Rare)

Omegawyrm (Legendary)

Beedroid (Epic)

Griffbeak (Rare)

Sentiguard (Epic)

Gigarex (Epic)

Plasmorex (Epic)

Lavahawk (Legendary)


Redboss (Epic)

Lava blob thing… (Epic)

Minoblast (Epic)

Viridizaurus (Epic)

The middle of my lineup has no strategy at all

Haha yeah death roulette always backfires.

Another fun thing you can do is Enrage Teammate on a strong monster to begin with and try and keep them alive

My team

Wolfrozen ultra
Talosquire (legend)
Novatusk (ultra)
Don penguini (legend)
Tidal whale
Omegawyrm (legend)
Dahargraz (ultra)

Mvps are def omega, vulc, scorp omgeas
Auto poison ability and poison eater and vulc and scorps dual poison touch and poison massacre are devastating

My f2p team ^^
My f2p team ^^

Crimgaroo Epic Ultra

Nimbuff Epic

Gaiakaizer Super Epic Ultra

Aqualion Super Epic

Leobolt Super Rare

Cruisierfish Epic

Beetler Epic

Lavamander Super Epic

Hydroloch Legendary 

Hyrdokaizer Super Epic Ultra

Shivotra Epic

Talosquire Legendary

Moji Common

Wolfrozen Epic Ultra

Islandoe Rare

Gigarock Legendary


COST - 111/111


I’ve gotten lucky with some egg rolls. My strategy for dungeons is as follows:


Crimgaroo has high speed and is typically the first monster to go. He also has Hold Ground so if a sleep killer monster happens to go before him he can’t be one-shotted. I use the skill One On One which puts all the monsters but two asleep. This has three purposes:

To delay time for Aqualion’s 400 second bomb

To build time for Gaiakazier’s Survivor skill

To hopefully kill the monster who isn’t asleep via Crimgaroo. I have an Auto Protect monster (with lightening to protect against water monsters) in there because the opponent will typically hit that one instead causing a 2 on 1.


After the initial timer on sleep wears out I usually finish off any monsters I can and I always use Aqualion’s Stealth skill (goal is to keep him alive). I typically lose one monster at this point which brings in Leobolt to stun them, I also use his Accelerate team skill to boost my real killer - Gaiakazier.


After one cast of Stealth Aqualion is ready to blow up. I clear the board and at this point I’m typically 2 to 3 monsters ahead. Gaiakaizer then goes on a rampage with Survivor and Dual Desperate Strike. 


As this team starts to wear down Beetler comes out with Lavamander. I use them to start sleeping opponents to force 4 on 3 scenarios. Beetler’s Give Turn skill is awesome. Once Hyrdoloch comes out he stars to dreamhunt and kill them off. Hyrdokaizer can also sleep which usually means I end most fights with this set up. After Hydroloch has two kills this bloodthirst skill one-shots everything. 


If i do start to get towards the back of my lineup Wolfrozen and Gigarock force the opponent to pick their poision. I use Islandoe to Accelerate then Stun Bomb the opponents and Gigarock finishes them off with his Wave All or Last Bite.


This team gets killed by sleep killers. I always kill or sleep those monsters first as they almost can one-shot half my team. As my cost increases I’ll probably look to add my own sleep killers or different protect monsters. I can also be stunned to death as I’m sure in PvP those teams will be popular.

I just re-started my game so I forgot all the line-ups but there was my front line combo that got me easily up to end-game.

I got arky(super epic) with egg who has poison massacre, lined him up with 2 monsters who have poison gas and another who can give turn.

two poison usually will get at least 3 enemies and teammates, leaving our team immune to sleep, and arky’s poison massacre will wipe the enemy line up.

As soon as arky uses poison massacre, use give turn on arky again so he doesn’t have to wait 220+ sec for his turn, need to make use of a few passes on your turns.

Back that up with a healer and an extra gas + poison eater mobs and it was pretty smooth sailing.

Main Team :

Zerotiger (Epic) Ultra

Orcruiser (Legendary) 

Cryowyrm (Legendary)

Wolfrozen (Epic)  Ultra
Cryoberg (Uncommon)

Razorfin (Super Epic)

Mossgolem (Super Epic)

Megarex (Epic)

Infernowyrm (Super Rare)

Beeblitz (Epic)  Ultra

Hellatur (Rare)

Darkstag (Epic)  Ultra

Rexobone (Legendary)

Leobolt (Super Rare)

Frillzeon (Epic)

Puffoxin (Uncommon)

Cost: 109

Strategy : Open with water-heavy lineup to maximize Cryowyrm’s damage. Kill as much as possible until Demi pops up, then start using poison to kill. Rexobone finishes off whoever’s left. Puffoxin as sacrifice for Orcruiser/Zerotiger or backup killer.

Story Mode : Waiting for next chapter

Online Mode : Chapter 4, Hidden Temple

Ive updated my team as well as adding my basic strategy in the starting post

Omegawyrm (legendary)
Velocirex (ultra super epic)
Terrorex (ultra super epic)
Ventokaizer (ultra super epic)
Nighthorse (legendary)
Tiamad (legendary)
Dahargaz (ultra epic)
Scorpionite (ultra super epic)
Flarewing (legendary)
Ouroburn (ultra super epic)
Mecharex (ultra super epic)
Crysdrake (legendary)
Magmatyrant (ultra super epic)
Blightwyrm (ultra super epic)

Not In line up

Talosquire (legendary)
Orccruiser (legendary)
Statikat (ultra super epic)
Gaiakazer (ultra super epic)
Blizzheart (ultra super epic)
Magmalatihan (ultra super epic)
Ragnawolf (ultra super epic)
Deucalizon (ultra super epic)
Demolitron (ultra super epic)
Zaphyrox (ultra super epic)
Golgerock (ultra super epic)
Revenatos (ultra super epic)
Pyrokaizer (ultra super epic)
Tezladragon (ultra super epic)
Draconugot (ultra super epic)
Sharknight (ultra super epic)
Shadowbaron (ultra super epic)

Have no more power to wirte down :wink:
Have another 15-20 epic and super epic in diffrent modes

My 10th egg gave me my third legendary, Gunfish. Another water type with assisted wave and 400sec novablast. This one is gonna fit in my already water-heavy lineup. I’ll also be editing my post to update my lineup and add my strategy. 

lol that luck.  Most people got maybe 1 legendary per 20 eggs.