Newbie needing Team help :D

So basically i’ve been playing couple days (currently rank 23) and i still dont quite get the teaming stuff. And i really want to know which monsters should i train first,
Heres my mons:

Guardiron, Gloridrake, Noxdrake

Super Epic:
Spinoraptor, Pyrowyrm, Fluttercharm, Thundrake, Flaredon, Shadowlance, Acolight, Malhare, Lunascend, Halozwei, Georex, Necrodrake

Wolfrozen, Megarex, Viridinychus, Sanctoise, Astroleon, Vegitiger, Giravine, Bombspider, Tedfriend, Minoblast, Roidguard, Stratowyrm, Tidalwhale, Halowolf, Bloodclaw, Nilobaron, Osiriswyrm

Would really appreciate any help Thanks XD

How the hell did you get so lucky with legends? It took me months to get one! Then again I have loads now but that’s 2 hatched by lvl 23

Aldo for early game, pyro and necro work well on the front line with a protector using survivor and desperate double

the limited pack

which ones aldo …

I meant also. Sometimes autocorrect doesn’t work…

A very basic strategy is to use an epic with one on one at the front alongside anything with survivor or megabomb, so it puts everything to sleep and let their moves charge with impunity. Should also have a protector with purify in the 5th spot, so if the one on one dies, you can purify and wake your team up early. You could also have a purify protector in the front with them, to see if you can get it to use protect before you use one on one, to put your enemy in a trap.

Go get yourself a galvbane

Yeah, definitely focus on getting the super epic starters. They’re all basically good options now since wolf and viri were buffed, so really prioritize whichever one you want. They’ll be a huge help for you overall. Make sure to keep collecting lots of starters from the Labyrinth. You’ll need 4 of each kind, plus an additional 4 once you get around to ultra evolving chronozar. Come to think of it, it doesn’t seem like you’ve done any of the stuff in the monster hunting menu. That place has tons of stuff that can help out newbies like you. In the online menu, it’s the button with the purple haired lady and the dragon on it.

Get morselmon/bitterbeast. That thing is op

I think you got different standarts for OP dude :sweat_smile:

Well for early game. It’s more of a support now