3x ingredients deal in a row


Come on devs are you serious… I got it that we have newer players who might lack of ingredients to evolve their legends but could you not do once a 2x gem deal between those? I think the last one was back at Christmas or last new year’s eve… I don’t care about people if they spend on regular gems and that you don’t see the need to offer that. Changing the egg system to 4 gems with no guaranteed - I am not sure but since the last deal was nearly 4 months ago…


2x comes with big eggs. No big eggs right now. Wait for easter.


I don’t know what everybody has with Easter. There was a festival 1 week ago. Easter is soon and we all know how long it takes between gem or ingredient deals. I would be surprised to see in 2 weeks already another festival and gem deal


There are big festivals and small festivals. The last big festival we had was Valentine’s.


RiP greediness. Have a good sleep 2x gem deal. Last one died with the guaranteed legends on anniversary 6 months ago. Gj @Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC

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There we go with the 3rd time… I am so tired. The one meme in the other thread describes exactly what devs are ruining :man_facepalming:



For the record I feel bad for the devs. They get the brunt of the blame but it’s corporate greed. Blame their boss


It died with reducing the egg from 5 to 4 gems. What is the advantage if there are no deals at all anymore. Reducing the egg by 20% and removing a 100% gem deal is obviously the greediness in person. They wont get anything from me and I was a regularly spender - not a whale but I took whenever there was a good offer. If they are satisfied with the situation how it is, well go ahead but you lost the clients in the middle range


Anniversary was the omen of death

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Sadly we don’t matter. As long as guys are dumping thousands on them per mythic that’s l they need. Tbh they’re probs making more than they did. How? Aks @DonT89

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I know him Woodward and I have no problems with the whales who are spending. It keeps the games alive. Instead of blaming them you can as well be thankful to them for supporting the game you love. Problem is if it is true that the owners are happy with the current situation as it is. On long term they wont because it’s only a few ones who spend that much and event those guys are getting tired. I mean I know at least 3-4 big whales who spend a lit in the past but stopped it for the majority. If you consider the future the owners are playing a risky game where you get your loyal player base mad if they continue this strategy


You’re not wrong. But until the whales are sunk we’re living in this nightmare. Yea ima use that line against them :joy:


I think the point is that in the past everyone could spend a little and get a lot.

Now its up to a few people with way more dollars than sense (cents) to drop mortgage payments on a monster in HOPE of getting the one they want.

My problem with it is that they made it a total gamble.

I don’t really have an issue with thr 4gem price since that on its own worked in everyones favor and helped the F2W.

New system is just disrespectful and NTTR is gonna regret it when this game stalls out this year.


I honestly am still mixed on this. On one half I’m not surprised. On the other half I’m shocked it got to this point. Is this seriously the best we’re gonna get. I can’t be the only one who feels less dirty buying gems in a normal day than with this pathetic deal. At least include an ocarino in the affordable deals. That way people might consider it. But in reality most still wouldn’t care Cus it’s still a mockery of us loyal players


I would buy this packs only if they included legendary pots or mitych tickets. Current deals are just for noobs, nothing more



LMAO. gold


Devs… did y’all hit the wrong gem deal button? :wink:

This “deal” is a joke. I get throwing it in a deal rotation every once in a while. But this has by far been the least valuable deal they’ve thrown out, and for some reason it’s the one they’ve decided to stick with. Devs, are you not telling corporate that 99% of players want to see a different deal every once in a while?


Im guessing corporate doesnt care. Or theyre making enough off a handful of whales that theyre making a little more money this way.