Z19 GaryOak's Riddle Time

Lucrayzor’s riddle got me thinking and I decided to come up with a riddle of my own for the community to solve!

Just like Lucrayzor’s riddle, the purpose of this riddle is to guess the monster that is missing from the team below! Here are some clues:

  • The monster is a fully evolved monster
  • The monster has been either buffed or nerfed before, but I won’t say which :wink:
  • The buff/nerf that occurred with this monster was considered significant by the majority of this community
  • The monster is not a water type
  • The monster fits into a pattern with the rest of the monsters on the team

Whoever can guess the right monster will recieve a hilarious prize. Please post your guesses below, along with the reasoning why you think it’s that monster!

Z19 GaryOak

I’m going to guess Drakozord Z, since it’s a fully evolved Storm-type monster, who received a major buff and has a Stealth-based move which works well with monsters such as Tenebris.

Negative. While it would be a good place to run Drako in a team like this, that’s not quite it! Keep trying though!

Z19 GaryOak

If it’s not water type(warca) then I think it’s Bazilogon. Terra can summon for him, right?

Terra can summon for him, but unfortunately that’s not the answer! Bazil would be awkward in that spot anyway, and he doesn’t quite fit the pattern! Keep guessing!

Z19 GaryOak

Soulstealer? It’s Death Sentence all would work wonders when placed alongside Stratustrike.

The monster is ****. I won’t say why, but it’s funny when you do figure it :grin: :grin: :grin:

Soulstealer is not the correct answer, but I see how you could see him being there! Keep guessing!

Z19 GaryOak


We can’t use 2 Aurodragons, right ?

Auro is in there already, so not him :grin:

Lol, i didn’t see Auro in the list :joy:

The guy is in love with his Auto,now he wants two :stuck_out_tongue:

Atra?for infinite tenebris party? :smiley:

Cosmo?for blood duplicate,switch place and DR?

Bolvocus is that the right spelling lol

Auro, Atra, cosmo, and Bolv are all incorrect! Keep guessing though! What makes you guys so sure it’s a legendary monster?

Z19 GaryOak

What about Bahamuzar?. Shield entrance,summon,throw,sacrifice heal and SS.

The purple super epic with dream hunt and protection temate