Best neo monster

Which is the best monster in neo monstes

Which is the best monster in neo monstes

The right mon.


Are the best monsters in the game right now others come below them

Which is the best monster in neo monstes

Not even a good troll.
Comparing best leg with one of middle SE!!!
Not even a good troll

F2P Arash

Are you goths or are you ghost :thinking:

what about Auro?


Motor, TT, Geo, and Raizen.

Mecha Moji.

“Brayan Rockoid”

Man he looks bloodthirsty, is that blood affected by HIV viruses?

F2P Arash
This guy.

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Ha ha ha Super Legend Rockoid…

It seems You are very talented at drawing :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

F2P Arash

no doubt about it :joy:

Either moji or aurodragon. It’s close between them

Very clear. Godfeather and Dragaia are the best, i mean 1 against 20 enemy mon’s? Call Godfeather or Dragaia and they’ll do this. 9 legends potions for them and you can relax and count ur wins.
Only poison scratches them.


Yoh so every one vote gavlbane or godfeater
So vote god feather and galvbane