You’re Grounded!

Random, but I think You’re Grounded should:

  1. Pierce against monsters with HG
  2. Be on more monsters
  3. Have a RAW Version (this would be a great buff for Rexo and Kamishogun)

Too many people hide polarboss, Novadrake, Auro, and raizen behind AP walls.

This would be a better way of nerfing nova in particular without raising TU or changing stun wave and making him unusable @Dev_VKC


Go get yourself GalveBANE @NMEGaryOak

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Put some RESPECK on Galvbane’s name.

How dare you misspell his name



When Gary sees a new player misspell Galvbane


I agree with buffing you’re grounded but really who even uses novadrake with auto protectors? If I’m facing the rockoid I’m just gonna leave it alive so I can stun it to charge nova when it enters the field.

That kind of defeats the point of the name “You’re Grounded”…

It should definitely be on more monsters. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a mythic with it yet. Having a raw version sounds a little oppressive though. There are already plenty of counters to protectors. I can imagine having a HG monster behind a protector is meant to be one of the ways protectors can perform best. Seems unfair to counter even that with a 70TU move.

Maybe they could buff you’re grounded to pierce hg enemies but increase it to 130tu.

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it sounds good

You’re Grounded is a killer move to use on monsters with HG @Killerdog

It should pierce on them so HG doesn’t allow it to survive a killer move designed to kill things with HG

In that case I agree with you

I don’t know why you’re arguing over what the move is designed to do when it’s clearly written in the name. “You’re Grounded” = You are put to hold ground.

The move is designed to put monsters into a hold ground state.

A move was called “Broken Ground” would be the piercing version.

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It’s been a long time since Killerdog liked a comment.

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My parents pierced me with a belt when I was grounded.


Why would there be a move specifically designed to put monsters to HG when there are a multitude of moves that will put mons to HG already? (Ie charged blood moves when used on HG mons, killer moves that happen to be used on HG mon, etc)

@Dev_VKC we need you to settle this argument, You’re Grounded was designed to be a killer move against HG mons just like Stun Immunity Killer is a killer move for use against Stun Immune mons?

piercing grounded = kind of a variant of catapult…

But this idea is interesting only to target monsters with HG .

We can even interpret you are grounded to mean that the monster is sent inside the ground and hence dead due to lack of oxygen . Or maybe a new move can be introduced . Id like a roaring monster to have this

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I have heard the German version of “Youre Grounded” roughly translates to “Crowbar” in English.

I would assume a crowbar would pry someone off hold ground

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The Italian translation is “Cold-Blooded Killer” so that does sound like it should kill the enemy in a ruthless way

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I got a better idea, how about you’re grounded is buffed to automatically bring a monster to hold ground.