Hey Guys,

I didn’t want to talk about the new Mythic right away and i really don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, this just my honest opinion. This opinion is purely based on PvP.

I’ve used him in multiple different teams already and i can safely say against people in PvP, its really not that great. It doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do properly.

Sometimes I’m able to get either 1 Attack or 1 Give turn before it gets stunned, knock backed or one shotted by a charge moved etc… Most of the time he’s just there then he’s dead without doing anything. I don’t want to say anything about his SS because it’s impossible he survives 400 sec in PvP

You can run protection with him but the Raw Faststrike becomes useless, also if you run protection he doesn’t get attacked which beats the purpose of Auto Overwatch.

Some people might say run him in a throw team, i feel like having a 15 cost mythic just to create 3 rocks is not such a great incentive to try and summon for this monster or waste that cost on your team, some other Monsters do a better job.

Some suggestions:

Give him Hold Ground to atleast somewhat use some of his abilities.

Let poison trigger Auto Overwatch like normal Overwatch does (Focal would need to be purified to have the ability to Overwatch again like the other Monsters).

Give him Taunt. 50% chance of blocking an attack to trigger his Overwatch.

Anyway, im exited to hear what you guys have to say.

Does he/she have to be good in pvp? I mean every monster have its strength and weaknesses. It has some unique abilities and was released today morning. You say in your first paragraph you dont want to complain right away but you actually do exactly this. Give it time to develop his usability at least before you ask for a buff like HG. Btw this wont help you against being stunned or knock backed. If you are not able to get more than 1 turn than you are clearly building not a great team around it. It’s not a sweeper and you dont need a huge setup to play this monster tbh. You are doing something clearly wrong in my opinion


ignore every buff you suggested. just give him swift taunt (50 TU) instead of the current SS then he will be top tier material. I think it is great he is not affected by poison. but he might need a combination of tardi’s both passives in one passive. that’s also for his last form. @Dev_VKC

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You obviously see too much negativity in a post.

They want to promote Mythics and this is not a good featured one. I’m just sharing my thoughts about what i experienced. It doesn’t mean I’m right. If you don’t think I’m not doing something that’s your opinion.

Food for thought


Give it DR, problem solved

Replace triple entrance with Stun Immune on 2nd form and converter awakened. Change catapult to

Or keep everything the same and make give turn link dual give turn.

Posion should stop his auto overwatch otherwise you can just spam posion gas and get turns.

Taunt seems ridicules on him as he would turn the game into a clown festa. Its like auto protect spam and once you miss you give your opponent a turn as a extra punishment.

Personally i think his ss move should be changed into something like gain shield.

And his give turn should be changed into something like pure give turn. Where it removes sleep/posion then give the turn.

As for his raw fastrike i would make it raw double bloodfury.


Devs should just make death revenge on a stick and name it 'gary"


I’d roll for that tbh

That being said, theendofgaryoak was released ages ago, so idk if they would codename another monster after me

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They should make a death revenge monster with Taunt and eternal revenge. :smiley:

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I personally would like to see focalforce have either elemental healing OR hold ground. Both would be op, with the possible middle ground of a poisoning full/partial heal as his secret skill? Like a toxic swift heal. Kind of a chance at an additional move.

I love the design of the monster and think with its high defence + highest health in the game it’s pretty good. It can kill when it gets a turn and can even do piercing. Also, give turn is great with auto-overwatch. Sadly, by design it’s one of those monsters a human player can manage easily with careful targeting. Its high-ish TU skills (130-160) stop Focalforce from being a bit too nuts while sat there on the field but still doing enough that hopefully it’s not dead weight.

I think it does have potential if you can use it with a few things:

  • Dusicyon for the shield entrance
  • Anything with instant shield ally
  • Anything which can heal it
  • Accelerating it
  • Forgive/pardon to stop any blood moves from killing it

I like where the moveset is at. 400s novablast is a good disincentive from the opponent leaving it alive, even if it’s hard to pull off in top level PvP. A tweak to make it better for PvP would be to change the SS to instant purifying shield self. Then it has a way to remove poison (which disables auto-overwatch) and add a shield to help it get a guaranteed extra move in.

The thing is that while it may not do as much as other monsters while on the field it’s designed to get a kill every time it gets a turn and unless the opponent has a way to deal with it on the field Focalforce will trade beautifully.