You can use midas TT with another TT on the field

Get the flyswatter cause you have some bugs to squash

Let the games begin

They already know, vkc confirmed by pm that midas will get ban from pvp or a small quick patch in a few days.

Lol hilarious! And here I was thinking how Midas SS isn’t as OP as people think and how by unlocking it people will need to find a different GT monster to pair with a TT, it loses that use. I hope people have their fun with it before the fix comes!

Fastest legend banned
Sadly I unlocked mine before I knew :joy: so lost a ocarina

And while you’re at it fix the Ai on overwatch. What you did there was the equivalent of killing a spider with a rocket launcher.

What are they doing? Spam overwatch whenever they got hit? Or overwatch while on overwatch?


Dear god

eh it’s still worth an ocarina at least

so hey

Just patch it please.

I want to use my midas.


Can confirm we will be launching a small update soon, so please don’t kill me yet!

Also do something about solblaze and lunaertic withiut the other they are use less remove the dependence of sol ss on lunartic please

Have to give you a warning man it’s not on to threaten others with death

It was a joke man I dont even know who he is he sais so himself dont kill me I made a joke but if anyone is offended I apologize

Death jokes aren’t cool, bro, and a flippant joking tone doesn’t come through on the forums.

The neomon community is a lighthearted and supportive community here to strategize and have a good time. Our Devs take care of us and continue to make a phenomenal, if not perfect then close to it, game. BRD and VKC are super responsive and seem to always take our requests into consideration. I agree with you that Sol has been nerfed (or certainly not improved) but lay out a case for change and don’t threaten the devs or other users, please, even in jest.

Dine I apologize again I didn’t know never bothered to read the rules (lol) the reason is since the update I have been extremely upset so i just vented my frustration also an improvement would be to hust remove the dependence of his ss I hatched him just on Monday and now after two days he is now crap his ss requires anotjer legendary only God nlknows when I will get without spending(which I am in no position to) so I was just angry again sorry for the threat it was just a JOKE

I think sol and luna need to become stronger in some way where when one of them dies or leaves the field, the other grows stronger.

Another thing that should happen is that Poison Storm should be reusable. Both moltenpede and deathgazer desperately need this change to happen. After storm has come and gone once they have almost nothing else to go on. Seems like it can be a quick and easy fix.

Do Sol and Luna really need a buff? Sure, Luna took a nerf in the update because bronzeshells can kill themselves quicker but Luna is still a beast as a support monster alongside a good team of sweepers. Sol is a much better monster too now they’ve given him a fast way to sweep. I still would’ve liked auto-accelerate on Sol but it’s looking more viable now than it was before. Problem is, Sol is not so good as a stand-alone legendary if you don’t have lots of other sweepers but that’s just how his design is now… not every legendary is an amazing, reliable sweeper. I think that without looking at SS the two are both fine legendaries, not overpowered but good.

Then you look at their SS. Secret skills are always an OPTION to add onto a monster. They work fine as 13 cost monsters, but as a duo with each at 15 cost they can be brutal (potentially). I think that rather than immediately moaning about their reliance on each other with the SS we should test them out together lots and see if it is a great combo. If people can come up with good strategies involving this pair together then it’s good how it is. If not, then maybe we should ask for their secret skills to be altered. Anyone who doesn’t have both Sol and Luna shouldn’t really be commenting on the SS (in my opinion) since it’s an easy choice for you to keep them at 13 cost. Personally, I have them both but I like the flexibility of Lunartic at 13 cost so I don’t want to unlock their secret skills… not unless I see how good the pair can be from the way others use it.

Well, Moltenpede just kinda sucks anyway as a SE. I can’t think of a reason why I’d use it. Every move is slow, no significant damage and the stats of a SE. It’s got stun revenge which is nice but that’s all its truly got going for it. Adding Poison Storm is probably their hopeful re-vamp as now maybe it can see a use in a link fire team to instantly poison the enemy team if they’ve done purify or whatever. I agree that making Poison Storm infinite use for Moltenpede (or at least 3 time use) would be a good call but maybe they don’t like the way give turn would allow you to repeat this? Whatever the case, I think Moltenpede just needs a move re-work or for us all to forget about it as a monster.

Deathgazer is a different story. It now has the secret skill of Step Back and the TU reduction of Poison Storm from 160 to 100. Those “buffs” have really helped it out and in a poison team it could be pretty lethal. Again, I’d suggest we wait and see how the monster is before suggesting more buffs. I agree that now Poison Touch is gone Deathgazer is almost forced to use Poison Massacre which isn’t great. However, the monster is definitely intended to be used alongside other poison monsters so it might be perfectly fine in the competitive scene. 100TU Poison Storm which can be used multiple times could easily be too strong, especially because it does some reasonable damage when you use it too.