New BUG! Remove it asap !!

Well, that bug abuses angelions SS and every Monster with overwatch, especially titanomooth… All u need to do is: use overwatch with Titan, afterwards u use angelions SS on him, Titan will be kicked to the Red hp area… But wont die, his overwatch gets Active and he is able to use his desperate stampede… Afterwards he dies and the killed Monster will be revived :imp::imp: like wtf why again such a big annoying bug!!!

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Oh damn that’s a broken bug now watch everyone use it :joy:


Haha Yeah, but Devs need some pressure :smiling_imp: its really annoying that after each Update we got a new bug which needs weeks to remove

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Just tested it can confirm it’s bugged but it’s odd it didn’t kill Titan but as soon as I overwatch again it dies the soul didn’t put to red though

In my case it was put to red… However… It isnt supposed to work like that :sweat_smile:

image image image It does about 25% damage

Maybe i used assasinate (with Robin) right before that move :thinking: didnt know that bug and it would explain his red hp area after soulexchange

This issue will be fixed in the next update, as well as some PvP freezing issues.
We will do our best to release the update before Rank PvP starts.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Brb changing my FL

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I swear I would be the biggest troll if I had abusable FL’s. If I had Neridia and Abyss back in the day I would have abused the hell out of it. Same for AOE Delu, and this bug🤣

I would laugh at the people complaining. Because I did laugh when people did it to me. I loved it. Best moment was when you had the Neridia Abyss FL when I played you in pvp. I cracked up.

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Haha you seem like the kind of person who would fit well into my club!! Cheers mate !

If there are any retarded op fl, use em and have some fun lol

That’s the only way the Devs will bring back balance anyway. I never got upset at the users. can’t blame them for using monsters well. Plus it’s funny.

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