Team Turn now has a 50 second limit

As of the most recent update TT now makes you wait until 50 seconds have passed before it can be used.

Can you confirm it ?

Nvm, just checked play store, update is out

Fortunately, I finished this activity in the morning

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Remember to claim that one last gem :sweat_smile:


I was too scared for it to be changed drastically but Im super happy about this. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

oh.hahaha.thank you

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No love for prismbear(except reducing SS cost) :face_vomiting: adieu Midas FL :joy::joy::joy:

Can anyone post a screenshot of the changes reflected in the change log?

image image


Haha. Making bundam’s novablast 300 secs now makes it deadly with Oo0 (320 secs sleep)
At least the shockers weren’t nerfed to badly. Also, can’t say much concerning despairing wave and strike until I see the TU cost.

Its not too great. Tu is 250

250TU. Dont worry. Onyx is still a bench warmer


any new monsters shown yet?