Enough With The Half Naked Girls

Let me preface. I love the game - been playing for 6+ years. I love the strategy. I love a lot of what the developers do. One thing that I have really been getting tired of, however, is the amount of half naked girls (waifu) that have been released lately. Out of the last 43 mythics released, only 8 have actually been monsters. The rest (35 for our mathematicians out there) have been half naked girls. Don’t get me wrong, they catch my eye as much as the next guy, but I’m not looking for that in Neo. You can find that somewhere else if you want. Clearly they generate revenue or we wouldn’t continue to get them, but I personally won’t be spending another dime on the waifu. At the very least, I wish they would balance it out so we get a 50/50 split between actual monsters and waifu.

I’m very curious to see if I’m the only one that thinks this, so feel free to vote (and comment) below:

  • More Monsters
  • More (half naked) Girls

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The problem is, the devs released an egg where you select either A or B. Waifus were on one and Monsters on the other. I think waifus edged it, but that’s because they were on the power creep. Lemon, Cynthia, Bastia etc. so they used that data :man_facepalming:t2:

I agree. Not a fan of the waifus. There’s plenty on the internet if people need that. Give me Hellfox, zhulong and Focalforce any day over Maeve, Bastia and anyone else with their tits out.


This guy is a true fan, he has played 7+ years on a game that hasn’t even been out for 6 years!

But yes I agree, tiddy myths make money because they give most of them busted movesets and have good featured legends in the eggs they appear in


Haha you’re right. I may have added a little hunter island to my total but shhh

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Where’s the “more naked men” option


Agree with you @Krispy_Bacon! They’re probably money makers like you mentioned but it’s also probably easier for the artists to think of/design scantily clad women than unique monsters

@Krispy_Bacon I and a couple other forum users led the assault on asking for these to be removed or limited a couple years ago. Long story short the weebs of this game generate sufficient income for this game to carry on and they won’t stop creating them.

It’s a double edged sword because we want the game to do well but it’s also fricking gross seeing all this hentai stuff. Feel your pain dude. It’s definitely stopped me from going ham with this game like I used to.



There’s hardly even a balance anymore. It’s just all waifu myths. I can barely tell them apart in PvP half the time :sweat_smile:

That really is a shame. I suppose the more we voice our displeasure, the more likely they will be to do something. After a few days of polling, I will tag dev just so they can see. As much as I thought I might be in the minority, it definitely doesn’t seem to be that way

Yeah I noticed that. They all are overpowered boobs and booty in different forms.

I recently started playing again but still seeing them still leaves a bad taste in my mouth like Saitama used to say.

Finally pulled Auro so now I can abuse some fun PVE strats but even pulling him is not that exciting because as I play more I see more and more of these sexual monstrositys.


Yeah I wish they would’ve at least limited it. No you aren’t a minority and yes we should voice it.

Not sure they’ll budge like last time but worth a shot to keep on them. It would probably be more powerful if newer people spoke up on here about it.

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I have been summoned

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Isn’t the monster itself just a number with a moveset, and the artwork on it is actually irrelevant, it’s just to connect the brain to remember the moveset. I mean the names are sometimes so confusing, I cannot remember them.

So for me, I love so many monster designs, normal monster (example Exocross or Kuraokami) and girls monster (example Asmodia or Hu Shin), they are all very cool designed in their artwork.

And same I dislike many monster designs too, also normal monster (example Maggatsuoh or the Gummy Dragons) and girls monster (example Kanna or Nightingale), they are not nice for me.

That’s why I don’t vote, I don’t agree to any choice.

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I wish all waifus had an alternative choice of monsters. That would be great for us people who want to see monsters and not naked girls. Still the people who want to see the girls you could leave this option disabled



completely agree with you. I accept 4 or 5 humanoid waifu monsters, but not that exaggerated amount that they have put, I like the designs better of monsters!!! the game is called Neo Monsters It’s not called Neo Girls😡 NO more Naked Girls!!

Imagine a naked voidress version with big tiddies :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.
That might be the best waifu :sweat_smile:


Wait voidress is a girl!?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yep the problem is the devs said the girls are goddess but in fact we can’t determine what goddess they are. But maybe some of them are spirit animal like christine the whale, fiona the snow leopard,kirina the giraffe and many more.

But gays im wondering if they make a side story event with the waifus soon but hope they add queen of thugs that has the same design as christine and a spirit animal sloth girl with exhausting attack skill.

But bruh we need a mythic dragons and a aquatic like tavaray says there’s no aquatic mythic monster.