This is seriously concerning

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Here’s the new banner in Evertale. It’s hard to think of words to describe this. What are we even looking at here? In a few months I am expecting to see a girl sucking on a dildo with crossed eyes. That’s the only next step I can see still to go between here and full pornography.

This is definitely not game content being created any more. It’s shoveling sexual content under the guise of a P2W gacha game shell. At some point the company needs to reclassify themselves as creating X-rated games. Your employees are being paid to not only create but also animate stuff like this.

Taking advantage of a market trend is one thing. Don’t lead the way in this abomination. I’m sure you could scale things back by a few levels and still have just as much success.

Here’s the full art of her different forms just for good measure so we can all see what’s going on here:

Oh is there something wrong in there? Sorry, I really can’t see it.


Unfortunately Neo is leading to be like this in the future


This is pure hentai.


i don’t know how this isn’t a NSFW content

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man if the content is like the one dressed in black, perfectly I am delighted to receive all who miss them​:rofl::sweat_smile:

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Angela White.


Well i am really curious to know about her skills

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Time to dowload evertale


Reject hentai return to Hunter Island

You look professional

This is probably the time the community from forum, discord and line starts reporting Evertale and Neo Monsters on play store. These are literally like the animated pxrn games you find on online sites.

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And you called SoLoZ a professional :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s spam this thread with pxrn so that ZigZagame game feels how it feels when you open your system and see tits everywhere.
Edit - Big, round and wobbling tits



Okay so I predicted the next step incorrectly. They moved onto children. No sexual poses, big body parts or anything overdone… but they dress her up in not much clothing.

I’ve heard even Evertale players are considering standing against this by banding together and not doing any summons.

I think ZigZaGame probably could’ve got away with putting some child characters in pretty dresses in the past but given how everything else looks it’s probably a sign of full child sexualisation to come. Any legal person for the company would say “of course we won’t do this” but we all know that things will be pushed as far as they can without crossing a legal line.

Come on now… just create pretty women and not things this extreme.

P.S. Not sorry for the bad quality images. I’m saving you all from the cringing.

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The arts team has sexual problems .

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The art team has turned into pedo


As long as they don’t go to something illegal, I don’t think it will change quite the contrary.