I was crying I found leafy and done the escape method

Wow… That does suck! I have had a bad experience like that with galey. After searching for so long, And so treachorously, I had found a galey, and it was going to catch it! I clicked the capture card, at 97% percent I didn’t even doubt getting him. Then… He escaped and I raged. Alot.

Lol well I clicked escape

I have bad experiences with both Galey,AND Leafy.How’s that?

I accidently killed a Leafy,trying to deal dmg.
And I caught a Galey and immediately after,my iPad died,so I lost it.I found another in like a half an hour though,so it was fine.

At least you have seen hatchlings :frowning:

I have horrible luck getting good Arkadion

Yeah.Took me 3 hrs for a nilo.
Just keep looking,youll find em

I found a S nilo in two tries but a skullwraith killed with roulette… stupid thing… weve been rivals ever since…

when I see one its just kill kill kill kill and don’t stop…

they are devilish no wonder they look like the grim reaper…

Skull wraith is one of my favorite monsters,because it reminds me of one of my favorite anime characters,as their weapon can switch between a halberd and scythe,and wears a black cloak-ish thing.

And you mean roulette?