Catching ashie help !

So I’m standing in the right spot second step north from ag I have been at this for hours… Am I doing something wrong I can’t even find him…

The spawn rate is 1/200.  To speed things up you could use a Metallodius to escape instead of going through the experience and coins screen.

Am doing that still no luck

Ashie can be a pain. I recommend doing something else when hunting them

Got him yes!

Congrats! Ashie took me personally three days. Lucky you got him quicker :3

I saw him twice in 2 hours missed the first one with a 98% chance of success. That pissed me of

Ikr i found a galey with 97% chance and missed it

How frustrating is it you get so exited like “finally he’s mine” nope denied

I hate that feeling i almost cried i spent 19+hours i think and then im like OMG I FINALLY GOT HIM OH MY CRAP!!! And then you miss him :rolleyes:

Sad sad moment

Always bring some gold along with you to make sure u can goldcard it

I used all my in game gold and is already in dept to my dad for buying gold so no. I dont have gold