So happy !



Got lucky to night !!! Going to bed now lol .

Twice in a row i got them hehe

Wow! You’re very lucky to get both of them in a row. I wish I was that lucky, maybe I’d have a better monster team if I did :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice! People seem to have a lot of luck in eggs…  I won 5000 gold in a fever egg, then 1000 and then 1000 again so I had over 7000 gold. Then I was literally 1 away from the one I was aiming for on all of these eggs. 7000 gold and I got nothing better than  an A Cherubion ._. It’s not fair lol

Lmaooo dang that sucks

The best thing I’ve got was an S skywolf


Skywolf beast though lol

It’s good, but it’s one of the more common S (I have two…) and almost everyone uses holy

so yeah

The best egg i had was infernowyrm :slight_smile: rank A but my second save is better than my first tho lol

Yeaa thats truee, reason why i had to change my team around ):

Just Got A C rank bloodclaw is he any good ?

My best was probably an S Georex. I also got an A Halocat. That’s about it. Might have gotten a Levi as well.

The best I ever got was a B Vegitiger. I was so happy then because I was at the beginning of the game but everything else I have gotten was bad.

@MItias: Bloodclaw is a very good monster and is 9.5 stars, super rare and can only be obtained from a golden egg spin (from what I know).

Best monsters I’ve won are Wizpur and Frizleon. Both are grade C though

The best one i have ever got is a Leviathan rank B, but unfortunately I had one from before :frowning:

Yes save that bloodclaw he is really powerful and isnt released yet so you have an exclusive monster :slight_smile:
You people are lucky the best i ever got in a egg (btw i have REALLY crappy luck) was a rank A thunder fox :confused: ive spent like 20$ atleast on eggs trying to win

Oh, I forgot the S Plasmodious, not much on its own but allowed me to get a high level S Plasmorex without any training

Haha love that fusion

First of all, congrats everyone! :slight_smile:

…advice time.

While bloodclaw is very powerful, I do no recommend using him much in PVP. Shadow monsters die easily. People can get rid of Bloodclaws, Plasmorexes, etc with ease…now, if you can protect them with guardian (most do), you prevent a OHKO…but a swift double kick and then illuminate will crush it.
Now, if you use a haste+stun…maybe. Until stun gets nerfed.

Astroleon is great at first, he’s a very powerful holy monster! Beware of Vegitigers and other beastbane users. So yeah, placement is key. Make sure you math it up against shadows, and you will do great.

Infernowyrm…what a powerful creature. It does fairly quickly though. Protect it and perhaps pair it with some healers if you’d like. Maybe do that whole Penguini stun thing with it too, as you would need healers and stunners anyways.

I was thinking you can pair him up with healers and fire queen just because , inferno can heal him self . By sacrificing last ark in party . Which fire queen can come in handy , so u dont have to sacrifice any good monsters .