Where is the best place to get leafy 4th step of agramis or 1st and what are the odds?

1st is where it is, and the chance is 1/200. 

I’m moving this topic to Where’s that Monster, as you’re asking for the monster location (though also the odds). 

This is described in part 1 of my Complete Monster List.

Okay thanks but I’ve tried for like 2 hours and nothing so no luck I’m guessing its like impossible

For some people, it takes longer than that. It’s all about luck.

Took me 10 hours to get my first. The next 2 came easier though.

Took me 1 day to get leafy haha, but make sure u have something else to do as watching a movie or a serie or listen to music

It literally took me 5 minutes :slight_smile: Do you use the metallodius escape method???

Took me atleast 3 minutes. As Ashley said its about the luck.

I got my Leafy freaking fast!(Sorry,excuse my language)It took me 10mins with metalldios to get bluey and leafy!I almost gave up looking for it yesterday for a hour!

“Freaking” is okay haha, don’t worry. :slight_smile:

But congratulations! Man, I need to try this one day. If I can find a chickenin’ metallo. >:c