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In my personal opinion the creators of Neo Monsters & Hunter Island caved into the age of In App Purchases. Unlike in Hunter Island without Gems you cant get a damn thing in Neo Monsters most is probably a 3 & a half star. No more grinding & collecting every monster this is pure Luck or money spending for those willing to spend it. I could imagine how horrible the pvp will be. More no talent dudes who spend hundreds of dollars to get good. Its like they threw everything that made hunter island great out the window & said forget our fans lets make some money, The plot is wack the better monsters are unattainable unless you have good luck & manage to pull a legendary by using gems, ultra evolving takes forever because you need silver & gold keys to obtain enough money & materials to ultra evolve, you only get 3 silver & 3 gold keys & if you wanna refresh them without waiting 24 HOURS (for only one key) you have to pay a gem to do so (not worth it considering every monster in the wild blows & the game forces you to pull a legendary otherwise you’re fxcked) so far all ive gotten are duds & this game is a waste of time I dont recommend anybody pay a dollar for it yes a dollar part of me wishes i wouldve bought a bag of chips with that dollar. I recommend going back to hunter island you can actually work towards building up your team & not getting lucky like in neo monsters, while hunter island also has in app purchases it doesnt make it neccesary for you to need them. You can literally collect every monster in hunter island without spending a penny, unlike neo monsters you need to spend money to even beat the story mode, unless you get lucky on the gems they give you which is very rare, The problem here is that at the beginning of the game the developers have the nerve to put “You dont need to spend money to collect these monsters its an option for those who want to collect the monsters quicker” or something along those lies, geez thats a slap in the face I dare someone to find one monster higher then a 3 1/2. Not possible

I think they will do something after watching all this.

Agreed 100%. I was very excited for this game since I knew the deva could create a good mobile rpg but was massively disappointed.

Played to a point where it just wasn’t fun anymore. Everything feels like a chore in this game, it doesn’t help that the animations make battles drag out for much longer than they should and the exp system is revamped.

All this game made me want to do was play their older games again. Disappointed :frowning:

You’re not wrong
But it’s still a load of fun, tons of strategy and way worth the cost

“In my personal opinion the creators of Neo Monsters & Hunter Island caved into the age of In App Purchases.”

You go to all the trouble of developing you’re own great game and see if you don’t want others to pay for it.

Its not a great game, especially compared to there previous work there was nothing wrong with the Hunter Island formula & they completely destroyed that formula with this game

If it’s not a great game then why ***** about it? Just to make others care that you don’t like it? Good job

Agreed to all of this. I was just so excited for this new game but everything was ruined.
I still play it but Hunter Island and Dragon Island were way better. Exploration is barely present and maps are so empty and short that all of this seems a joke. Dungeon are ridiculous, leveling is a mix of things and mechanics badly invented and throw in the shaker together without much care.
Not mentioning the chance to pick up STRONG monsters only with the eggs and the skill based battles of the previous games got lost.
You had a game, you had fans and you dear developers ruined everything to get more money.
I don’t care how much good reviews you have (I don’t even know how that’s possible), you were brilliant and brought to us some wonderful mobile games (played hundreds of hours to the previous ones) but this is just a bad pay to win unpolished and it seems done by someone who doesn’t even care anymore.
So, please, don’t ignore our complains but answer to us and return to do the great games you were used to produce and that we fans used to love, thank you.

Relax yourself keyboard warrior im simply stating that I have played both & it is nowhere near as good as hunter island & people do agree if you dont agree thats a problem you have within yourself eat balls

The point of any criticism is the hope that they’ll change things a bit

MuffFluff, it’s great you like the game. No need to attack others for disagreeing. It’s obvious the devs here caved into the freemium model as cash spending is encouraged much more so in this game than prior ones.

Keep in mind this is already a PAID game, yet they want more money on top of that. This is not a good model and is why I tend to stay away from mobile games besides the prior ones from this same developer (because they consistently put out good games).

All we’re hoping here is that the devs take note of the complaints and address them in the future, that’s all.

I think the complaint isn’t that there are in app purchases (because there were IAPs in both Hunter Island and Dragon island Blue, but it’s that in app purchases are required to progress without luck (not saying I fully agree with this, just explaining what I gathered from their statement). Although I’m on the fence about that argument, I do agree that the IAPs are more prevalent in NM compared to HI and DIB. 

Also just want to say, my only complaint about this game is the cooldowns (like many others). Hunter Island’s only cooldown was related to the Colosseum, which wasn’t 100% necessary for progression. In Neo Monsters, you need keys in order for the materials to ultra evolve your arkadions. Those keys take 24 hours to replenish just one. In addition to using a key, you also need 10 tickets minimum for an attempt at getting the material you need. Which means (unless you’re a much higher level) you get maybe 2-3 chances at getting what you need even though it’s open for an hour. We all know that you can’t get 10 tickets in an hour or less, so it’s basically saying “Yeah, you need to buy more tickets if you want to get your key’s worth.” (which actually ties into the IAP argument).

My solution to this problem would be to lower the spawn rates of the materials, take away ticket cost for key related missions, and allow you to farm for the full hour. Although, the Silver Mines would still be a problem, because then you have people getting 70k a run for an hour. I dunno, that’s just my 2 cents. Have fun playing Neo Monsters! :smiley:

Hopefully they see the complaints Hunter Island you were able to search every corner of the game to find rare monsters they were hard to get in this game you cant do that you either have to farm gems which you really rarely get or pay to get any legendarys literally no legendary is available without buying an egg with gems zero of them.

My main complaint is literally the only complaint I need brother in hunter island every Legendary was available by searching & grinding & working for it. This game you cant even do that there is no grinding involved its get lucky with some gems or pay for gems to unlock a legendary strong enough to beat the last couple of levels which are ridiculously hard. It sucks that they stripped away what made hunter island so great & gave into the pay to win mindset of mobile games. Literally everything is blocked by the need for gems want more Keys either wait 24 hours for ONE KEY or use Gems to restore them problem is you dont wanna use gems for that since gems are the only way to get legendary monsters & lord knows without one the game is a struggle.

the fact that they want to make money of the game isn’t the problem. the problem is that you can’t access the vast majority of monsters without paying, and this will lead to TERRIBLE online PvP and will be 100% pay to win. you can have all the strategy in the world with 2-3* monsters, but you’re going to get mopped by a kid who dropped 200 bucks on the game without a question. their are plenty of other games with IAPs that only help speed up progression, and those are fine. I’ve played many games like this that did IAPs well and never spent a dime but was able to compete with those that did. it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that this will not be the case with Neo Monsters. shame, really. so much potential here.

you can definitely beat the game with strategy, but there is no way that youw ill be able to compete in the PvP, and you can’t get 75% of the monsters. that’s the problem.

Did someone say that the skill battles got removed? HI required no skill to win, just plop your monsters in your team in any order you want and you win. (imo)