Will online mission arks be released in the wild?

Just wondering as i have 4 gearhounds


I heard They probably Will be released in the wilds or through any other event

Thanks :slight_smile:

No problem!

Oh i hope so, having 4/5 frost kits is annoying.

They will be in the wild eventually.

I tought so

Hmm…maybe they’ll be like hatchlings…that sounds really nice n.n

Oh god, hope they arent like hatchlings, havent been able to find a single starter or hatchling

Why not? It wouldn’t be fair to those who won it in the OM if they were like Seaspine’s ( so common )

I think depending on the rarity they should be like semi rares like frost jack cause finding four or five of all these super rare arkadions with a 1/200 chance of showing up seems like a bit much it’s hard enough having just 8 to farm for to mAke the wyrms and starters then can you imagine the time it would take to collect all the arks with those chances?

Don’t forget that in order to fuse them you would need the recipes for them made available for those who did not do the OM. If they put them into the game at the end of the season that is.


That would be a good way to add content to the game. They could add new quests to get the recipes. Or maybe a higher level in the tournament for them.

New content is always welcome. Especially when the reward is something a lot of people desire! Haha~

New contant Should be added