Why nerf death sentence and sudden death???

I have heard that the death revenge was nerfed before. There is no against about it, after all, in the statement it just says deal massive damage to the monster, not kill them~~

However, I just find out that other death moves: death sentence and sudden death are nerfed too. They can only deal 99999 damage to the monsters, not kill them~~

But this is ridiculous, please read the statement of these two moves:

Death sentence all: This skill hits all enemies. Enemies hit by this skill will die  after 320 seconds, but only if the user is still on the battlefield. This skill can only be used once per battle.

Sudden death: This skill hits 1 random monster on the battlefield, including teammates. The chosen monster immediately _ dies _. This skill can only be used once per battle.

So, I am curious about if they really understand what is the meaning of ‘die’. Let’s have a look at some samples in attachments. There are the monsters survived from death sentence, from 1400 floors and higher~~

Maybe one would say there is no difference in the game after the nerf. But it makes difference! I dare to say I may be the only one staying at top 10 of the Ultimate challenge without goldtail and polareon. But if they make certain nerf. I can not even climb higher anymore. So may I ask:


I do not want to say bad words. Now I just suffer from a lie (c’mon, do not try to say 99999 damage and die is the same thing, look at the attachments, the remained hp are not 1 point, like Mechaviathan, there is 2436 hp left, which is half of the normal Mechaviathan)~~

Everybody, feel free to leave comment about this nerf~~

To be honest this sounds less like a nerf and more like a bit of coding with an unintended side effect. That being said I also don’t really see a reason for it if it is a nerf anyway.

Agree. I guess they may code all the death moves in one algorithm. But it is interesting that why they need to adjust the death moves again in this latest update, it works fine in the former one~~

Nightmares grip doesnt go to one hp. Only 99999
The first time I experienced it, at about 1400 I was like…wtf? It happened on a chrono and I thought it was a bug. But then I did it a different time on a chrono too and the same thing happened and I thought it was a chrono bug. But then I realized that the damage didnt go past 99999. To be honest it doesnt really bother me but its just annoying
Where I’m at right now some super epics started having over 100000 hp too. The legendaries have at least 10000 hp left after nightmares grip
I did it to a doomengine and it didnt even take him to the red

that´s actually quite funny but obviously a side effect of the new coding and not a nerf.

Hey guys,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Mophiese. Buckingham’s deduction that it is a side affect of a code change is correct, and this was certainly not intended to be a nerf. It was not intended to be included at all, in fact.

The change was designed to work alongside another experimental feature, but that other feature was cancelled, and it seems we simply failed to remove this accompanying affect. With that in mind, this should be treated as a bug. We intend to push forward the game’s next update as much as possible to address this promptly. 

Dammit, and I hoped you wanted to kick Mophy outta UC… :stuck_out_tongue: