Why is Dungeon Challenge so absurdly hard now?

I really don’t understand what happened… but it feels to me like the difficulty curve is WAY too steep. Here’s a list of strategies that I have access to:

  • pumpking + stun flash/wave + bane + 1-2 star sendback(way more effective than you’d think)

  • SS + stun flash/wave + loch/shadow/gold(I would use frostrider, but it’s ruined by the incredibly baffling new condition that the enemy team must have at least 5 monsters)

  • gallio SDA + shiva

  • delu + GT spam

  • GF

  • maybe a few others I haven’t thought of

and monsters that are all around useful for the event:

  • crim/aegis/atlanteon for reusable healing + GT and other utility

  • Gallio and Nova for rapid stun to help other mons do their thing

  • Cybereon/Dualdragoon for damage control should a monster get killed

So in summary I have a ton of options for this event. And yet, it was an immense trial just to get to floor 62. Just barely halfway. As I recall, a year ago it was about equally as much of a struggle to beat the last 10 floors. Part of it could be due to the surplus of newer monsters that are prone to ruining dc strategies, such as camouflage, piercing and sleep/poison immunity. But honestly I struggle to recall fully evolved legendaries being commonplace at the midpoint of the event. With my absolute best strategies, nearly every single encounter feels like it could easily jeopardize my chances of pulling through. I’m not even sure how many people have managed to beat the whole thing. This event provides about the exact same rewards as ST, TA, GoH, etc., yet it’s far more difficult than the other events even under the assumption that the player has ideal monsters for the job. It really is a fun, unique event, it’s just a shame that it’s so frustratingly unfair. All I really ask is that the difficulty curve be adjusted to account for the new monsters. I think the power creep has a bigger impact on this event than any other, because the newer ones are designed to hurt you more, and in an event where losing a single monster is disastrous, that hurts a whole lot more.


I’ve said many times before this event is ridiculously hard and frankly it’s unreasonable to expect people to finish it.

For a start monsters with piercing moves should be banned from being encountered. One AOE spam from Delu wrecks so many startegies. That Unicorn flame legend with double piercing is ridiculous. My goal is to reach level 82…Not sure I could.

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Hmm unevolved monsters are stronger than evolved ones. They are more tanky. So much so that unevolved Super Epics are surviving attacks that legends are getting killed from:

That desperate all wiped out some legends but the super epic survived. It’s happening each time.

Level 60 dungeon


Easily reached lv 90, I do not find it so hard honestly. The true challenge for me is between 90 and 100

Can I see your team? @DonT89


That’s my triple FL team

This event 90 to 100 needs to try many times

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Is very much about luck

90~100 is the most difficult pve activity at the moment, but it has few rewards and is not worth grinding

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Almost but this event very very hardest

yup, the buffs have spiked massively starting at 90. Pumpking suddenly can’t kill anything with poison massacre at full power. Sooooo not happening.

Still the only event I havent beaten since I have started neo monsters… And I have a good amount of legendaries :joy:

It’s just about the last 10 levels

Last dc was easy enough but now that tt is nerfed it’s so much harder


Yeah, it’s too hard for me.

It’s the only event I can’t finish.

@Lucrayzor Dungeon Challenge has been insanely hard for a little over a year now. I made a thread about it asking for it to be made easier last October: Is Dungeon Challenge getting harder?

The difficulty it is right now should be saved for “hell mode” floors on 100-110, while the previous floors are made more accessible. My suggestions for how to do this are (any combination of the below):

  • Reduce the buff level

  • Remove certain problem monsters (e.g. some camouflage monsters, piercing monsters, etc.), could be all with certain moves/passives rather than specific monsters

  • Limit it to just older monsters that we meet in random encounters (some battles at the end of floors can be preset with newer ones)

  • Allow us one free “escape” per floor, which we can use on any random encounter we like to skip the battle but not the fight at the end of a floor


Adding run button to all battles would be appreciated. I many times end up killing the app and restarting because it’s faster than finishing a battle because i know I would lose


As a bit newer player I cant say much even with a decent amount of legends I struggled to hit 50 and cant go any higher the random encounters always block the path i need to go forcing me into at least 3 fights per floor counting the final one and things like bloomluga just kinda chew thru my team with almost no effort

I gave up after I got the SE

Based on your roster, I think your best bet is to grab either skyflame or wickerchap if you don’t have them already(both is preferable so you have backups) and have them immediately sendback to bring in your shocker legend. Your primary offensive options should be the fish soldiers, the mortar armadillo, and galvbane. Would recommend using the abyss guys one at a time since lone fish is likely far more useful than their bonds. Maybe flutter red too, although you’ll have to bring blue along with him.