DC should be reduced

Although I defeated DC seven times.But I think DC is the most difficult event in the PVE .I spent 200 tickets in the last ten stairs .Please reduce it!


This time it seems that only me and vici have defeated this event.


Plz share your team , i can’t defeat Dc

Its not too difficult, the reward for that grind is just wayyy to low, 5 gems and 2 rare gems ?:joy: pff i stop at 83… Its simply Not Worth to grind that much

Do you mind sharing the team you used to defeat it? I’m stuck at level 90.

I agree the event is too tricky, I’ve written threads about it before. The last 10 floors especially are total RNG even if you’ve got an amazing team built for it.

I’m currently at the 76-83 stretch and not got much will to do it. I made an attempt yesterday and here are some of the ridiculous things I met that ultimately made me die on the second last battle before the next checkpoint:

  1. Kamishogun, the irritating sleep immune monster with 63% speed that the AI loves to use sudden death as soon as it gets a turn. Of course it hits my team.
  2. Rexotyrant + stun protection, you guessed it… sudden death and kills my Heavenswyrm.
  3. Hiberzor + stun protection, 98% speed sleep immune does piercing blow to one-shot my Shivadragon from full health.
  4. Oniblade + Bunkerbeast + Kamishogun, so brutal but thankfully I had a stun flash at this point which allowed me to get rid of the Kamishogun before sudden death.

On the previous stretch of 7 floors I faced a brutal team with Astrogolem, Pumpking and a stun absorber. Pumpking is seriously so ridiculous to face. I was able to stall things and try to kill stuff but Pumpking then used its SS instant poison typhoon which poisoned my whole team then he did poison massacre and killed all four. I even had purifying mist in my team but it wasn’t enough because I was having to use it against the poison gas. Astrogolem got a couple of kills in that battle too. Luckily it was only 69-76 so I was able to push on and complete it but losing 6 monsters in one battle when your team is built to survive well feels horrible.

I hope the Devs are able to do something to power down this event and make it a bit more accessible, then add a hell mode on the top to challenge the best DC players.

I got to 90 fairly easily and didn’t lose a floor. I used a few combinations which you can try:

Oni, Bunker, Choco, Aegis (with Secret skill)


Gallio, Nova, Choco, Aegis (most teams don’t have stun protection and Gallio always gets there first, whether it’s stun or desperate double

I swap out Gallio for Nightrider if it dies. Gallio and Nightrider should always start on red health but not HG.

Always run Aviaronix in 5th and Shocker in 6th. Auto protectors fill the rest of my team. Choco is key to keeping them alive

But after 90 I give up. I agree. It’s too difficult

I wish Tortoise and excessive force DR mythic weren’t in it

Didn’t think about using Simuronix, that’s a good idea!

Yes, it is very good at all kinds of pve events.


DC remains the only event I have never finished. I am just not able or not patient enough to play the last 10 levels over and over again. I always stopped after level 90 since after that torch lights are deactivated and it’s pure rng how many enemies you will face. With the release of Cano or some other new stronger legendaries this is quite painful for me. Respect to those who are managing to beat level 100. But the grind for 2 rare gems is not enough for me to keep trying on this. I will not ask for changes but would appreciate it :joy::joy::joy:

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Yeah a lot of events with the number of fights required to gain rewards make the game feel like a skinner box.

I’m not enjoying events very much. Basically only playing pvp at this point.


mmhmm… this DC has been INCREDIBLY difficult, I think primarily because of all these new excessive force/insomnia/mythic monsters have turned up, and it’s much easier for strategies to go awry. My GF can’t even last 3 matches now. Even seemingly my most optimal strategy, SS+sleeper+shiva, struggles immensely.

Thank you for sharing your team. I just tested that team and went from 83 to 100 and completed DC for the first time (I know I was pretty lucky).

One thing (besides the ones Killerdog mentioned), which annoys me in DC, is that you cannot cancel the battles. My Shivadragon also was once one-shot by Hiberzor at the begining and I first had to finish the battle before I could give up. I just restarted the app, since this seemed to be the faster option. In my opinion it is a bad app design if restarting the app is the best option at some moment…


Yeah I find that annoying too! There should be the option to run

happy to help you

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