Dungeon challenge event discussion thread

This is a dedicated thread to discuss all aspects of the dungeon challenge event.

From now on, with new events, we will be making dedicated threads for each event to cut down on forum clutter :slight_smile:

I re-post my think:
Lv57 is way too difficult to reach for non-ultra decks…

Since they put 2 poison eater monster it’s impossible defeat lv56 final enemy.

Good, fair enough.

I didnt like it. At some point it gets insanely hard. The fact that there is a checkpoint only every 5 floors (even less later in the game) is very discouraging. It is so annoying to die on the last floor before the checkpoint and to realize you just wasted 15-30 minutes. The last Battle of the Super Challenge Battle is also very hard, but I tried it over a hundred times, because you know very early in the fight if you have a chance at winning. If not, you just give up and start again.

To be fair, I like the idea of dungeons, but only if there is a checkpoint after every floor.

I noticed that when I start dungeon challenge from level 1 with continuos fight until my teams gets wipe out , enemies are not very hard to defeat. I reach lvl 46 with continuos fight, in level 46 my team gets wipe out.I start again from checkpoint lvl 45 then my team lost again in lvl 66,fight again until lvl 72,then quit . but when I start playing in checkpoint lvl 72 enemies gets buffed.
I was unable now to reach level 80 cause enemies are hard to defeat now and sometimes all enemies are legendary… how pitty :frowning:

I’m very bad at the dungeon challenge😄
Anybody how has a reliable strategy?

Desperate double and team turn

Any ideas to reach the top without desperate doubles? 

It’s annoying 

Current dungeon is ridicously hard…not sure why the developers ramp the difficulty by so much…

Its the most boring event too

Very disappointing. Especially because I need the special book for ultra evolve.

​Does anyone know when the event is suppose to start again? I tried to catch the reward monster outside of the dungeon but failed badly.

Please don’t respond to extremely old threads, it’s not forum courtesy. The Dungeon challenge comes around maybe once every 2 months. And I’m not quite sure which reward monster you’re talking about, each DC has a different one.