Why don’t we like Prismaryx again?

So over the months (years?) Prismaryx has gotten a lot of hate, and I’ve never really understood why (or cared because nobody was using it). Now that this newest festival is here, it may be time to think about how bad it actually is. Can someone please lay out everyone’s rational for believing that it is a weak monster? (I know that the assisted holy move is bad for most, but I run an assisted holy lineup so please take that into account when critiquing how useful it is). Further, when working with penguinator in the devs demo team, I’ve noticed that it’s slayerbane all is not really a one shot kill as I expected it to be. Is this generically true? How strong is slayerbane all for both prismaryx and penguinator?

Bad damage. That’s pretty much it.

Yeah so it’s for sure not a 1 shot kill but neither is it on penguinator, and if you’ve got the assisted holy lined up are the two really that different especially because prism has shield entrance? Do you have any further stats on this or qualitative ideas about how good it is?

Penguinator has Excessive force, which actually makes his attacks hit even harder as well as break HG. He just never seems to struggle with damage, and the times he does are few and far between enough I guess.

I dont know why I love Prismaryx. Maybe because it is my 1st legendary & I survived the game together untill now. Love his colorful design :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What if Prisma had a passive that let him ignore stealth? :thinking:

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I’d be down for this. I’ve been trying to use it more in effort to and better compare it to penguinator, and I think the solution is more simply to raise its damage so that it worth something. I feel like there are two problems:

  1. link slayerbane all does less damage per monster than double slayerbane which isn’t great in general. Why go through all the trouble setting that up when it only knocks enemy monsters down to about half health?
  2. double slayerbane doesn’t even do as much damage per monster as the penguinator’s slayerbane all.

I get that penguinator is great and is meant to be great, but it seems that people are disappointed with Prism for very legitimate reasons and ones that can be fixed easy. Seems like a little tweaking on the damage should make all of these problems go away. For example, let link slayerbane all have the same number of TU as penguinators and in other regards make them identical. That way if you go through the trouble of setting up a whole link lineup, you get the main perk of penguinator (the side perks being overwatch, excessive force, and desperate bite).

Does anyone know if devs tend to make changes seeing how it is ranked so bad consistantly? It seems like they normally try to do a decent job of making things balanced.

Honestly, Prismaryx has enough gimmicks already. Literally the only thing necessary is a damage buff.

Don’t buff prisma before you buff sactallion, cryo, mojinator… :wink:

How can we buff sancto and cryo (don’t forget nebel ajd cosmo)

I know just what you’re talking about. Ever since he came out 2 years ago, I have been in LOVE with Aegisdragon’s design. It’s the perfect balance of majestic, fearsome and badass.

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It’s not about damage actually in penguinators case. The reason penguinator always seems to one-shot is because his passive excessive force ignores the defense of the enemy, this means that slayerbane damage will never get reduced from it’s maximum value. So penguinator is reliable.

Prisma’s case isn’t the same. He has to deal with enemy defense, so that is why it doesn’t oneshot. People complain that it doesn’t reduce to Hold Ground in 1 hit essentially unless both monsters have kills. This is why people want a prisma damage buff, so it can one shot to HG when only 1 has a kill.


It makes a sense… But There is no description like that on excessive force… Peng just ignores hg and protect once… :confused:

Delugazar can one shot past 1000 with double bloodthirst in uc because of excessive force.

Compared to most monsters he has rather little to offer, so yeah im down for something that ignores stealth. It would honestly help him a lot.

Hmmm. . . thought devs added one last update. @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

Aah well, I tried in past, had conversations with @Dev_VKC about prismaryx buff,
But sadly its good as it is.

Funny thing - it’s been featured 3rd time since neo came out .
In 2 years that’s a, oh well :joy:

So if you still want to know about prismaryx attacks ,

Dual slayerbane
If one or two enemy has made kills then by attacking them with dual slayerbane, the damage will be significant.

& If 2 kills has been made by 1 leg, then assured slayerbane will kill it.

Link slayerbane all
So suppose out of 4 monsters only 1 has made kill, then link slayerbane is a joke.
Even if that 1 monsters has made 2 kills, link damage is not good.


if 3 or 4 monsters has made 1 kill each, then link slayerbane will kill all 4 with significant damage .

Hope it helped.

Yes its true.

Since the major change on the Link skill, the chances to use this link slayerbane all is high. Very useful update.