Penguinator vs Prismaryx

So since prismaryx is back on the encore egg and current pvp is totally dominated by especially penguinator - since in most cases his successful attack decides the match. Point.

Compare prismaryx with double slayer bane no passives (especially the ability to break through hold ground) with penguinator with 2 passives and desperate bite.

Basically both are exclusive monsters, but only one of them is seen in pvp or pve or any other event. It’s hard to setup prismaryx and he is not even half as deadly as penguinator. Sure he can use his attack multiple times, but considering speed, TU and that the enemy usually has a brain if not AI - this still makes him basically useless. He can’t even kill a HG monster despite the fact that his slayerbane isn’t always deadly where penguinators mostly is even with just ONE monster with a kill in his victims row.

Correct me, but I am afraid somebody got the math wrong when designing one of them - or even both.

Don’t get me wrong prismaryx is pretty solid as a midgame monster but yeah in this case the penguin is either overpowered or prismaryx is a not worth getting exclusive monster. Period.

Regards to all of you and happy pvp - if you don’t meet penguinator :wink:

It’s not that Prismaryx is bad, because to be honest it’s actually pretty damn good. It’s more the fact that the two monsters fit different roles. 

Penguinator is what I call a bomber. He’s a monster that has to be dealt with immediately or else you gain a lot of value. Similar monsters are ones like terrordragon and nightrider, and generally you aim to set them up. Penguinator needs less setup than most meaning it’s often included in a lot of pvp teams simply because it’s high reward for relatively low risk.

Prismaryx is a sweeper. Given time he’ll take out monsters effectively, but the problem is that the sweeper spot is very hotly contested. You have monsters like revenarchion that offer a ton more value and ones like leogeist and banedragon that bring added utility. The point is there are a lot of better options for sweepers, meaning Prismaryx just doesn’t cut it most of the time, whereas penguinator is the only bomber that can fit into pretty much any team without having to be built around. 

Give him stunning entrance.

Or dreamy entrance.

I said he is technically pretty good, but penguinator even for a bomber is too strong.
If you hit him critically and he used overwatch he becomes a massive threat in 2 ways.

Check how much preparation terror or even nightrider need and support. They can strike more often but ain’t as strong against hold grounders (terror is effective here but in a different way) and not half as fast ready to strike.

So there is a big imbalance here and I think the slayerbane all is either too much or the overwhelming force that cuts through hold ground needs to be removed. Maybe it’s better just to cut the slayerbane all…

Totally agree penguinator is too dam* powerfull with excessive force dual slayerbane was perfect SA is way too much he almost decides
A batlle on This PVP
Prismaryx really need a passive
I dont know what devs are thinking (apart of making money) when they create some monsters
And moves/passives

remove slayerbane all with dual slayerbane and as zard suggested give prisma stunning entrc.done

You can see how bad it is to compare Prismaryx with Ziberius, which plays a similar role. Survival, speed, damage, revenge, element, limited attack target etc. It’s not worth to consume gems.

What fucks me off the most about penguinator is his damage is all over the shop. One time slayerbane gets used and barely any kills on the field and it kills all 4 monsters. Next time it gets used and there’s a lot of kills on the field and it doesn’t one hit barely anything.

I was really wondering about the power of Penguinator, if i saw him the first time .
Although Penguinator is like the brother of “The Godfather” it should not could kill 3-4 monsters in just 1 move.

I was wondering about Prismaryx, and I think he could do a great job, but if there is Penguinator on the field you’d better to watch that you kill him first.

So…an example…:

Jingledragon, Ultimadragon and many other monsters (like Terraga , too) use
DOUBLE SURVIVOR - but after 300-320 seconds.

Wouldn’t it be better that Penguinator could do his “Slayerbane all” just AFTER 320 seconds?

In my opinion that would bev a better way to fix it

No, that is WAY too strict. You see, most moves ideally have a single prime condition that must be satisfied in order to deal critical damage. Survivor’s condition is that the user must have lasted for a long time, and slayerbane’s condition is that an opponent must have gotten a kill. But if you stack two conditions together, the move becomes extremely difficult to pull off, and thus it becomes useless. Penguinator would be absolutely destroyed by such a change. I know a lot of us don’t like him being all the way at the top of the curve, but if your proposed change happens, he’ll be joining Geomagnus and Nebel/Cosmo down in the pits.

Well make it 2 kills than for a deadly shot but 1 kill and every single legends even aegis die? Wrong :wink: nerf damage. That’s enough.

I feel penguin is fine in terms of firepower. It’s just that it’s too fast, especially if you have to bypass hold ground without poison.

Giving a mon stunning entrance just because it is not fast enough is questionable. It hasn’t really helped tridrakhan and probably won’t help prismaryx. I can see you want to give it the blitzdragon effect but it’s not worth it due to the meta being GT saturated with occasional sighting of absorbers and leo…

Simply increasing its speed would be better since it would still make stunt double viable. Maybe also give it hold ground as well…

Btw I’m not saying stunning entrance is bad…

Don’t like the stunning entrance idea either.
He needs this overwhelming force as well I think

Stun inmune little more speed and damage, at least to make the power diference betweeen pinguinator and him a little lower

Prismaryx also doesn’t kill legendaries with dual slayerbane unless both monsters have kills. Penguinator literally kills all 4 monsters when just one has a kill. Also, they’re both slow. I ended up using Prismaryx as a support monster with Atrahasis - summon rockoid, canabalize rockoid or use it as a shield (either way gives time to set up Atrahasis/sets up Atrahasis), and then lifeflip friend. But dual slayerbane crit takes like 200 seconds, and doesn’t even kill a lot which made it so weak to stun strats or sleep locks etc, or poison setups - pretty much everything. 

I agree with it needs a passive/ but also I think penguinator needs the same mechanism for damage with slayerbane all, or dual slayerbane needs a 160 TU, or an increase in damage after just one kill that it knocks out two monsters. I also agree that stunning entrance passive is too weak esp given this meta. It wouldn’t take out poison monsters mid/late game which is where it’s best used.

There is no need to nerf penguinator. It is vulnerable to chronokiller, sleep, and poison already, there is really no need to nerf it. If you’re complaining about it, chances are, 1) you don’t kill it once it enters 2) You just don’t know how to deal with it

I’ve used penguinator before and in normal non limited PVP it doesn’t last long. Everyone is complaining right now because it’s a special case PVP with 8 mons.   Nobody wants to set up sleep or use a SE chronokiller when everyone wants to shove a legendary that doesn’t need much of a setup instead.  Once it goes back to normal, you’ll have more things to deal with penguinator.

You don’t have a chronokiller? Well, I don’t have one either and I don’t have bane to deal with sleep. Should we start nerfing sleep now too?

Its not about penguinator just this PVP. But compare the damage of dual slayerbane and slayerbane all. Both exclusive legends. There is the problem. Bad balancing.

Yeah sorry I was just about to edit my post stating that that’s not what the OP was about. Yet, people just turned this thread into a NERF penguinator thread…

I have both legs and I dont even look at prismaryx

You’re right, I guess I didn’t exactly mean nerf penguinator. What I meant was to balance those two monsters specifically to each other, either you have to buff pris or nerf penguinator. I agree with you, penguinator is easy enough to deal with. Sorry for the confusion.

no no don’t worry, you don’t need to apologize at all. I completely agree with you. Prismaryx is way out of the system.