Hi, I already ultra evolved my brightscle to prismaryx and I was expecting the 4th skill to be atleast blood thirst. I am disappointed that 4th skill is lifeflip friend, is it worth it? I also observed that dual baneslayer is not that strong even on critical state. What can guys say about Prismaryx?

Hes good in the right team. Not the best monster out their but hes balanced thats what i like about him

In my opinion he is really strong in pvp if he is in the right team, if he enters and its a TT’s turn then he can do some serious damge, its like a slow version of zib

Yeah I think he can do a good job in terms of pvp but I also want to use him on PVEs as one of my main killers if possible because he’s my 3rd legendary with godfeather and sactillion.

I think the only way he can help against buffs is by adding the rockoid :joy::joy:, rockoids can be twin killer bait or can block a bloodcrave and stuff. He will not sweep shi* in pve i can tell you

Thats sad, I guess I might start building a PVP team with him :slight_smile:

You have line?, pm me and i will add you, we could fight next pvp :wink:

I still haven’t gotten to fight you. . .:confused:

Hopefully next pvp we can zard

I’m so sad I missed last pvp cause my phone broke. next time it rolls around I got death sentences for everybody! might wanna bring a pillow and some blankets cause I’m putting everyone to sleep! Muhahaha!

Same!!! I wasn’t able to play PvP either.

Haha I will be making one tho I will not stand a chance againts you, been playing the game a month and still needs decent mons. If you still want to add me, 19255453 :slight_smile:

Abyss says hi. Along with my chronozeros.

Id wont work, recheck please

Hhmm. It’s correct maybe your friend list is full? If still can’t ill add you.

Try adding me 12347375749

Is this correct? Friend code is 8 digits max but when i copied yours, a friend request is send although it is cut to 12347375

I get you now, you were talking about neo monsters, i was talking about line :joy::joy:
Sending you a eequest right now